The Best Wallets for Men

Every guy has a wallet, or is in search of the perfect one. Bulky wallets are out, now is the time to find a slim wallet for your cards and money. At Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we value fashion and functionality. We searched the web to find our favorite minimalist wallets for guys. Check them out below, leave a comment and let us know your top pick.

Wally Stick-On Wallet for iPhone
This isn’t your ordinary wallet! After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Wally wallet became a hit. It’s a minimal leather add on to your iPhone that has space for money and cards. It’s the perfect way to keep everything together.


AtelierPALL Minimal Wallet
This slim wallet can fit 2-3 cards on each side and has a center pocket for cash. It’s made of leather and will age beautifully.

Armoury M Slim Wallet

This slim wallet is made of walnut hardwood with a blue band. It can hold 4-5 cards and cash. It is extremely minimal in design but does its job.

Ugmonk Minimalist Wallet

We love the look of this wallet, especially as it gets used. It has two interior pockets, and can hold 8 cards and cash.

Men’s Style Blogs You Should Follow

The best place for finding style inspiration is on the streets of the world’s major cities. Walk around London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, or New York City and you’ll get inspired by every outfit you see. But if you happen to live in a smaller town, finding the sort of style you love out on the streets is tough. Luckily the internet is full of style blogs to fill this gap. Check out these top men’s style blogs to feed your aesthetic needs.

The Houndstooth
A DC based street-style blog

Gentlemen’s Brim
Don’t knock them just cause they’re hosted on blogspot. This site features photos of guys looking their best.

Modern Fellows
Another DC based style blog. They have photos as well as feature articles.

He Spoke Style
One of the few Baltimore based blogs, features articles on style, an ask column, and more.

Why You Mad
Austin takes time to answer fashion questions and showcases his personal style

The GQ Eye
The best of GQ Magazine’s style

Put this On
“A web series about dressing like a grownup”

Fratelli Rosseti


At Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality, most fashionable items. We curate our showroom with the best accessories around from ties to cuff links to shoes. Especially shoes! We carry Fratelli Rossetti shoes, because we know they make the perfect pair.

These shoes are true Italian classics. The company was founded as a workshop in the late 1950s and has since grown to the well known brand it is today. But it has kept its handmade origins. It’s amazing to see a pair of shoes still crafted by a person. The level of detail in each shoe is well thought out and thoughtful. Take a look at this video of their handmade process. Once you see the craftsmanship put into just one pair of shoes, you’ll understand why they are so sought after.

The company is still family-run. It was started by Renzo Rossetti in 1953 and is now run by his sons Diego, Dario, and Luca.

If you don’t believe us, come try a pair of Fratelli Rossetti shoes for yourself! We offer a variety of styles at our Fifth Avenue Showroom so you can see the difference in quality of these shoes.


Are you interested in how Fratelli Rossetti makes its shoes?



This is a technique which involves applying the colour straight onto the uppers. The colour is hand buffed onto the untreated leather, originally “blank”, creating a polished finishing effect. For the antique version, the finish is also enhanced with shading which transforms each shoe into a unique one-off.


This is a special finishing process in which each part of the shoe is the same colour as the uppers. First the master artisans paint the welt with a brush, then they paint the sole edge and buff it with wax to underscore the colour; lastly, they paint the sole so it matches the other elements.
This type of production technique creates effects with different shoe models and tones, ranging from the most classic to the boldest types. It results in shoes that combine a passion for detail with the tongue-in-cheek approach of those that know how to be elegant without taking themselves too seriously.


This is a refined, handcrafted technique which conceals the stitching so it is only visible to the keenest eyes. It is the more luxurious version of the Toledo which requires a production process made up of many stages: the eponymous “genesi” leather – a crust leather which is finished on the uppers – is treated with a special dyeing and buffing procedure, creating a shoe which is sophisticated right down to the more hidden details.



This is a production technique using a machine which can contemporarily sew the uppers and the insole together to ensure the sole lasts longer.
This type of technique is divided between Blake leather and Blake cowhide. The first, which ensures the shoe is flexible and light, and is therefore suitable for the summer collections, features a leather insole of minimal thickness and a natural cork covering; the second, with more structured results, requires a slightly thicker cowhide insole.


With an end to attaining the utmost resistance over the course of time, this procedure has been created to sew the welt together with the insole and uppers and then to the sole. In this way the body of the shoe is longer lasting. A cork filler is inserted into the space created by assembling these parts, making the shoe breathable and preserving the anatomy of the form and at the same time adapting it to the foot. The Goodyear technique, which has become more and more refined thanks to the use of the latest machines and materials, makes it possible to produce shoes that are well structured, comfortable and made to last the test of time.

Gianfranco Lotti | Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers

In the world of luxury goods, especially handbags, Gianfranco Lotti has a strong reputation. Their use of high quality materials and the touch of a gentle hand make their products stand out among the crowd. The company provides bags and accessories for both men and women. Women can shop for bags, foulards, gloves, cashmere, leather wallets and cases. Men can pick up bags, wallets, belts, pochettes, gloves, and knitwear.

Gianfranco Lotti was a real person, born in Florence, she was heavily inspired by the city. “I wanted to give something back after all the beauty I received and that surrounded me in Florence.” Since 1968, she and her company have been creating these precious luxury handbags. Currently, all their stores are located in Europe, with one in Chongqing, China.

One Piece Only

Those looking for a bag that fits their needs and style perfectly will benefit from Gianfranco Lotti’s One Piece Only service. This is the “ultimate personal experience of designing a unique bag”. The participant works directly with one of the brand’s art directors to create a truly one of a kind bag. The piece is pure craftsmanship. Where else can you go to create a luxury bag that only you can get?

Find only the best products in both quality and style at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers. We have hand-picked all the brands that we showcase in our store, so you can guarantee the product is made to last.


The Best and Worst Dressed NFL Players

Here at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we have a bit of an obsession with football. We can’t wait for the season to hurry up and get here! Our love for football has even landed us a few big name clients. Former NFL Star and Current TV Anyalyst, Michael Strahan wears our suits! St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Jake Long also ordered his wedding wear from us. NFL superstars Darrelle Revis and Adrian Peterson also got their custom suits from Joseph. We love combining our passion for the NFL with our love of creating great-fitting suits.

Kerry Rhodes

There is a huge movement in sports for athletes to look professional both on and off the field. Players that used to wear ill-fitting clothing for press events, are now ordering custom three piece suits. We love seeing these athletes in perfectly fitted suits, especially ours!

Larry Fitzgerald

Now that so many athletes are expected to wear fashionable clothing, there is a growing trend of creating their own look. Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals has been known to rock three piece suits. He also adds a bit of flair with bright shirts and pocket squares. Fitzgerald’s teammate Kerry Rhodes is also known for his off the field style.

Terrell Suggs in a not so formal, black tie outfit

Although there are many NFL stars making fashion statements off the field, many are not hitting the mark. Terrell Suggs made an impression at a black tie event, though not a favorable one. His white blazer choice puzzled many. Who wears a white blazer with dark black stripes? He also didn’t bother tying his bow tie. Michael Vick didn’t bother wearing a full suit for this event. Luckily nobody in the crowd could see his legs or those sandals! We hope he has a full suit for events where he’s not standing behind a podium.

It’s important for NFL players to present themselves well off the field. Many NFL franchises are paying for their star power. Being well dressed is an important part of this persona. Any athletes out there reading this should definitely come to Jospeh’s for their custom suit needs! Just ask any of our former clients how much they love their outfits.

Stand Out with Pocket Squares

You’ve been fitted and your new custom suit is ready to be worn out. You bought a nice button down to wear underneath, your tie is knotted up and looking great. What else is missing? To really stand out at that next business meeting, networking event, or date, you want to get a pocket square. How many men have them? Not many! People will notice if you wear a nicely folded pocket square. So what are you waiting for? Go get a few and see how they make your suit stand out in a crowd.

It’s an art

Picking a pocket square is an art, just like picking a tie. You want a pattern and color that matches your outfit. It’s a good idea to look at your regular wardrobe and pick a few squares that complement your shirt and blazer color. If you are hesitant to stand out too much, go for a solid color. Those looking to really make a statement, grab some patterns or bright colors.

Style over function

Pocket squares are now more about style than function. The pocket square was initially used as a convenient wipe for your face. Now these squares are used to make a statement. They’re a great, small accessory to show your sense of style.

How to fold your square

It’s important to know just how to fold your square. You don’t want to just stuff the fabric in your pocket, you want to make a great presentation. The most common folds are the straight, one corner, two peak, and puff folds. The diagram below shows just how to origami your pocket square into the perfect fold.


Dressed-up Sneakers

If you are over 30, you do not want to keep wearing shoes meant for high school kids. Upgrade your wardrobe with mature, age-appropriate sneakers. Sneakers are comfortable, so we understand why you may not want to wear dress shoes all day, every day. Dressed-up sneakers can be worn casually, or even to work if your job allows for a more laid-back dress code. Here are some recommendations for your next sneaker shopping trip.

Avoid Slip on Sneakers

Keep the laces on your sneakers. Slip on loafers are nice, but laceless sneakers are a turn off. They remind us of those prison slip ons, and you don’t want people thinking that about your footwear!

Hydrogen-1 Shoes

These shoes provide the comfort of sneakers with the style of a dress shoe. Hidden behind a leather facade, anyone looking at your feet will think you have on a nice pair of dress shoes.

Nike 1972 QS Deep Red

Apart from the subtle Nike swoosh, nobody will suspect these are sneakers. The dark leather exterior gives these comfortable sneakers a dressed-up look. They are perfect for a night out, or running errands around town.

The Rail Mateo Sneaker

Sticking with dark colors and leather will help disguise sneakers. This black pair combines suede and leather to create a sharp looking sneaker great for casual outings.