All About Cufflinks

Yeah, this blog is going to be all about cufflinks…why? Because cufflinks are a perfect accessory to style a professional suit. You can choose a stylish tie to show off your fun side, but sometimes ties can be quite loud, or may not go quite right with a work outfit. Cufflinks are just awesome! You can show off your interests, your sports team allegiance, add a bit of style to your toned down suit. Cufflinks are really versatile, let’s see how you can up your suit style game.

Knife Cufflinks $59.99

pocketknife cufflinks

Upcycled Winchester Bullet Cufflinks $35

bullet cufflinks

Ship in a Bottle Cufflinks $450


Lion Cufflinks $35

lion head cufflinks

Cufflinks at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers

Amethyst stalactite slice & Sterling, Trancas mine geode & Sterling, Brazilian conchinas & Sterling in the front

Amethyst stalactite slice & Sterling, Trancas mine geode & Sterling, Brazilian conchinas & Sterling in the front

Crushed lapis and brass Buddhas knot...lapis goldfish & Sterling

Crushed lapis and brass Buddhas knot…lapis goldfish & Sterling

Madagascar ammonite & Sterling, Tigers eye laughing Buddha & Sterling, obsidian skull & Sterling

Madagascar ammonite & Sterling, Tigers eye laughing Buddha & Sterling, obsidian skull & Sterling

The Guide to Cufflinks Infographic
Real Men Real Style


No Shave November or Movember?

no shave november

During November, the weather starts cooling down. People pull out their pants, boots, and heavy shirts. And it seems that guys start sporting more facial hair. Well this isn’t just a coincidence. During November, there are two initiatives that take place: No Shave November and Movember.

No Shave November
No Shave November is “a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.” “Grooming and trimming are perfectly acceptable”. But for the most part you are to grow out your facial hair for 30 days. Their mission is “growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.” They donate 80% or more of the funds they receive to the American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Movember Foundation is about raising awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. During November, you can grow a mustache in support of the cause, as well as donate. The foundation started in Australia back in 2003 and is now in 21 countries.

Whether you want to grow out your beard, mustache, leg hair, or anything else, it’s important to remember the reason behind it. Sure, growing out a beard is fun and definitely in style nowadays. But it’s important to participate to raise awareness and know why you’re participating. Get your friends involved and make it a group event! Help spread awareness of these issues during November, and the rest of the year.

Stylish Stars of the NBA

Basketball players don’t show off their best stuff solely on the court, they make sure to bring their A-game to their off-court outfits. It’s important for basketball stars to become their own brand. Many are following in the footsteps of past superstars like Michael Jordan who pretty much created the branded footwear and sportswear line that many current athletes aspire to. Not all of these athletes will get the chance to design and sell a shoe with their name on it, but a few of them will. Those who perform well both on the court, and know how to cultivate their brand off court are the ones who seem to have the biggest fans and audience.

I’m going to take you through some well known, and not so well known, basketball players who exude style and are doing their best to look great on and off the court.

Washington Post

Washington Post

John Wall
Washington Wizards
He was included on Refinery29’s list of 30 under 30 in D.C.. In a Washington Post article he stated he wanted to be “an NBA fashion icon”.

derrick rose

Derrick Rose
Chicago Bulls
He sure can pull off a suit.

kevin durant

Kevin Durant
Oklahoma City Thunder
He’ll sport glasses at a press conference, and nobody will bat an eye. He makes it work.

Tyson Chandler
Phoenix Suns
He’s willing to go out and try new styles. We applaud you for that, Mr. Chandler.

Amar’e Stoudemire
Miami Heat
His style is always on point, it’s insane!

Dress to Impress for Fall

The weather is getting a bit cooler. Yes, even here in Naples we can get a few chilly days where you need to break out the jacket. Are you ready for when that cold fall weather rolls around? We want to make sure you look your best (and stay warm) during that time. Fall is the perfect time to layer up, lace your boots, and look amazing. Here are some fall outfit ideas to help you look killer this fall.



Clarks Desert Boots $130
You can wear these pretty much any day, they’re very trendy right now because they are stylish, professional, and casual all at the same time (trust us). There are tons of colors to choose from and match with your pants.

Bonobos Lambswool Shawl Collar Cardigan $158
Donning the shawl collar cardigan means you’re ready for fall. These are the perfect sweater for the fashionable guy.

Herringbone Blazer $128
This Herringbone wool blend blazer is perfect for fall. Wear it to work or out to dinner.

Sequoia Boot Socks $18
Festive, fun socks are in! They’re a great way to show your fun side without it overpowering your outfit.

Infinity Scarf $69
This infinity scarf from Bickley + Mitchell is the professional male version of the normal scarf. It may not get THAT cold here in Florida, but if you plan to head up north this is much needed.

Martingale Fair Isle Wool Scarf $99
If you want to show off your creative side with more than just funky socks, then this scarf is for you!

Get Creative with your Ties

It’s time to stop wearing boring ties! There are too many creative ties and bow ties out there that you don’t need to stick the the same old red, blue, or black tie you got from your kid for Father’s Day (c’mon we know you have a few of those). Stock up on these creative ties and you’ll be the talk of the office.

bowtie feather

Feather Bow Ties
Alright, disclaimer alert, these are bow ties we just got into the showroom. And  we couldn’t wait to show them off! Just look at these babies. Who doesn’t want a feather bow tie?


Wooden Bow Ties
I am a Shark Tank addict (the tv show about small businesses getting investments) and a company pitched their wooden bow tie company. You’ll really be making heads turn wearing one of these.

Social Primer bow tie

American Flag Bow Tie

Let your flag fly…on your neck! It’s the perfect way to show your patriotism.

DIY Paper Bow Tie
On the cheap? Good with your hands? Make your own paper bow tie! Especially suited for those in the creative industry.

Creative Printed Neckties

Pick a unique print for your tie to show off what you love. Maybe it’s bikes, maybe it’s bees!

Gym Bags for Men

Alright, so last week we blogged a bit about men’s style in the gym. We gave you guys some examples of pants, shorts, tees, and shoes to wear while working out. The main thing you want to keep in mind when picking workout clothes is that they are comfortable. The last thing you need when working out is to have your clothes feel tight or restricting.

Now we’re going to talk about gym bags. For many guys, you head to work then straight to the gym after. That means you have to bring a bag to hold your gym clothes and other gear. You could just bring a backpack, sure. But if you want to look professional, take a look at these bags we’ve picked out. These will not look out of place on your shoulder. You can carry it while wearing your work clothes and not look mismatched.

There are tons of bags out there, and these are just a sliver of the options. Try to take a cue from these styles and check out stores or websites to find one in your budget that fits your taste.

Jack Spade Gym Duffle $278

Jack Spade Duffel

Herschel Supply Co Novel Weekender Duffel Bag $79

The Ultimate Gym Bag | M35 Military Tarp $181

Gym Bags You Want to Avoid
These bags scream “I’m going to the gym guys!”. They won’t look too great on a man wearing a suit. The bags above are perfect because they can be used as gym bags, weekend bags, or a work bag. Typical gym bags have one use only….holding gym gear. Their color schemes are too loud, and they’re just not that great looking. You’ll see why in just a second.

There are plenty of gym bags out there. Don’t settle for one just because it’s called a “gym bag”. Many of the bags above are weekender bags, but they’re meant for carrying anything. So when you’re looking for a gym bag, don’t go for the traditional gym bag.

Avoid bright colors

Avoid “gym sacks”

Workout Gear for Guys

You want to get in shape and look amazing. Maybe you are doing it to impress others, or maybe you want to do it just for yourself. Either way, you will need the proper gear to get started. You can’t workout in cargo shorts and flip flops, it’s just not safe (or fashionable!).  A few of the basics you need are sneakers, pants/shorts, shirt, and jacket (if it’s cold). Then you will want a gym bag to put it all in.

The thing about sneakers, is that they’re not all made equal. A pair of converse may not be so great for running. And a pair of running shoes may not be best for weight lifting. You need to pick shoes that will match the type of activity you plan to do.

Adidas Pure Boost 2.0 $120
Running shoe

Nike Lunar Tempo $110 (on sale for $74)
Running shoe

Nike Zoom Hypercross TR2 $130
Training shoe

Whether it’s hot or cold, or you’re working inside or outside, you’re going to need pants.

Underarmour Men’s UA SC30 Warm-Up Pants $69.99

Soybu ‘Samurai’ Moisture Wicking Stretch Performance Shorts $50

Wearing a cotton t shirt is fine for working out. But shirts made for athletics will help your skin breath better and prevent tons of sweat stains.


Under Armour Men’s Charged Cotton Just Sayin Too Basketball Sleeveless Shirt $25