Gifts For Her

Recently, one of our clothiers was asked by her boyfriend what she might like as a gift for this holiday season.  Now, we know that men and women are different and think differently, but this should never be rocket science.  Men can get really deep and creative about what to gift her, especially with Christmas around the corner.  But the “classics” any woman will appreciate are always there.  Don’t over-think it!

Designer handbags or wallets, cashmere gloves or scarves and designer shoes are just some of the amazing gifts that any girl will love. One of our favorites (and definitely that of some women out there), is Christian Louboutin shoes…  Want to earn some bonus points for next year?  Louboutin himself comes to Bergdorf Goodman in New York a number of times per year.  Track him down when he’s there so he can autograph those beautiful red soles for her.

Don’t want to go the designer route?  Women also love high-tech stuff.  Perhaps not as much as men do across the board, but there are ways to make those gadgets “Hers,” too.  You can make an iPad really special by engraving it with something personal.  Check out their engraving gallery to spur some cool ideas.

Are these ideas still not for your girl?  There’s always spa treatments.  There isn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t like a day of pampering!  You can even go a step further and buy a couples massage.

A beautiful gift and quality time with your significant other.  She’ll love it!  Plus, an added bonus for yourself!  We’ve also heard of a vitaming personalized IV…  That’s a unique gift,
to put it mildly!  Or get really fancy and find out about the latest facial oxygen booth, or some such.

Of course, if these gifts are not in your holiday budget, one cannot go wrong with a thoughtful gift from the heart.  Try framing one of your favorite pictures of the two of you together, or plan a “surprise” excursion for just the two of you.  What woman would not enjoy a planned romantic picnic in Central Park?  Or you can always have her open an array of small gifts.  Chocolates, jewelry and even lingerie are always fun to unwrap!

So, whether that special woman in your life is the type to swoon over a new pair of shoes or the sort to gush over a poem written by the man she loves, or maybe even the kind of lady who will whip out their Cheesehead or Terrible Towel and watch the game with you, the one thing we will always recommend is to NEVER ask her what she wants.  The element of surprise and the idea that you’ve already thought out what to give her based on all the things you’ve shared together makes the gift, whether lavish or not, that much more special.  Simple math!

Winter is Coming, Are You Ready?

Chilly days lie ahead, which got us to thinking.  Do you have your 100% cashmere?  Your Khan cashmere?  Your sherry tweed, your luxury wool, your Australian fine merinos?  Your car coats, sports jackets and that fantastic three-piece suit with ticket pocket?  Are they already hanging in your closet, shipped to you and now ready, waiting to be worn, to be in this Winter season?  For those of us used to custom clothes, we know how warm and comfortable these clothes are, and how anxious and excited we are about the temperature finally dropping, so that the time has finally come ’round that we can wear our masterpiece cold weather garments again. Of course we’re excited!  Usually, the only thing that comes with that drop on the thermostat is freezing rain and pounding snow.  Bummer!  But why wallow in it?  So the days are shorter and the nights are colder.  But the clothes are fantastic.

Be aware!  Slippery when wet/snowy road ahead.  One must wonder how we keep our attire fashionably uncompromising (which is to say, not landing three blocks ahead after slipping on the sidewalk while wearing those nice laced up shoes on a rainy day) or looking highly inappropriate by pairing your trendy outfit with some horrid, rubbery piece (no exceptions, rubber shoes are for kindergarteners).  Not to worry though, we’ve got your back.  We all struggle to look stylish on weather-challenged days, but here is how to do it on your feet with class and ease.

Wear water-resistant shoes, and really nice ones, too!  They come in all styles, from boots to loafers, leather or suede.  They might be a bit more chunky than your regular shoes, but that’s the type of shoes that go well with those winter-weight suits anyway.

So the next time it rains, go ahead and look sharp in your nice suit, and put on your nice shoes, too.  No worries if they get a bit wet!  These babies are not just really stylish, they are built to play rough and make the most rugged of sites accessible while still making your feet look and feel fabulous.

Some of our top picks…

Available at: Fratelli Rossetti, 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 888-5107 (Find them on Facebook at:


Winter Blues, Meet Cobalt Blue

It’s getting darker earlier.  Brisk winds are here.  Of course, this means that bundling up is just around the corner! Even the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is almost done. The twilight of fashion, dominated by all the darkest and most somber hues in our closets?  Hardly! We are still excited for fashion because color is always “in.” A burst of the brightest shades have been present from runway shows to display windows, and, most definitely, on the stylish streets of New York. Color is everywhere you look: bright reds in McQueen’s runway show, Burberry Prorsum brought out the whole crayon box, Dolce & Gabbana was also Molto Vivaci (think of making a statement in bright, unconventional dinner jackets), and Moschino and Moncler showed us some radiating new blues and yellows.

You may ask, “what is the fuss with all this brightness right now?” We don’t know, and we don’t care! We love the positive energy and cheerfulness it brings with it, especially in these grey, cold months ahead. So don’t be shy, put it all out there and have some fun. It does not matter where you put some color.  On your socks, on your tie, in your sweater vest, your bow tie, your suspenders, your jacket.  Anywhere! This trend is sure to help us fight the winter blues.

From our showroom, the top picks: Cobalt blue 100% Khan Cashmere and Checked Merino Cashmere cloths.

Our favorite indeed from all this rage of color has to be all the appearances of cobalt blue. We have a tremendous soft spot for its natural coolness and sophistication, not to mention its fascinating history: Cobalt blue is a cool, slightly desaturated blue color, historically made using cobalt salts of alumina. Cobalt blue in impure form had long been in use in Chinese porcelain, but was independently discovered as a pigment by Louis Jacques Thenard in 1802. Commercial production began in France in 1807. The first recorded use of cobalt blue as a color name in English was in 1777.

So, come on by to one of our showrooms and pick out a source of cobalt blue for your wardrobe. Just make sure it’s not the cobalt blue tarantula!

Haplopelma lividum. Please don't try to wear one.

Custom Cashmere Direct From the Factory Floor

A special treat for everyone today, an advance look at amazing new cashmere coats that just arrived from our factory.  On the left, a navy 100% cashmere car coat, great for all of those chilly days ahead of us.  On the right, a stand out crimson red 100% cashmere blazer, exclusively made for a very good, long standing client of ours: Nick Saban, coach of the University of Alabama!

Would you like to be able to open your closet this fall and see something like these two beauties staring back at you?  Let us know, we can make it happen!

Is Your Suit 4S?

4S.  The best money can buy.  The latest, the greatest, the most amazing.

All over the world, people spend entire mountains of money yearly all in the pursuit of one, single goal: to look great, to look cool, to look important and significant.

Over a million Apple iPhone 4S models were sold in the first 24 hours following its release on October 14th in the United States.  $99.5 billion was spent on electronic devices last year alone.  Meanwhile, the American grooming market is worth a relatively paltry $3.5 billion.  Men underwent 1.1 million cosmetic procedures in 2010, but do they give their clothes the five extra minutes every day to make it the best it can be?  If it is so important to have the newest, shiniest device, why not the newest, shiniest clothes?  If you can make the same kind of investment in your clothes that you make in your gadgets, if you can take that step beyond into superior quality suits, shirts and ties (upgrading from an old QWERTY keyboard phone to a smartphone, if you will), it won’t just make you look amazing, it will set you apart and move you forward.  After all, we all look jealously at someone clutching that newer, better little device we wish we had.  So, of course, the same is true with the clothes on your back.

In the cacophony of all the high-end items you purchase, from electronics to cars to watches and on and on, clothes are the one thing that is closest to your body all day long.  Sure, someone might look at your phone and wish they had it, assuming they can see the little thing in your hand.  Someone might see you in your car and wish they owned it, assuming they even notice you zipping by in the driver’s seat.  When you wear quality clothes, it’s a part of you, head to toe, and influences everything other people think about you.  There should be no excuses and no “but”s here.

People will do anything and everything and then some more to look great, but many leave their clothes out of that equation, compromising on the quality.  Why shouldn’t it be like the iPhone 4S?  Why doesn’t everyone want the best and the newest in everything?   “The best iPhone yet.”  Shouldn’t your suit dovetail with your obsession with looking great?  A perfectly fitted suit can make you look younger, taller, slimmer, more professional, more important, more now.  Not to mention that the fabric and construction techniques of a fine suit will add many years to that suit, and make it serve you for years to come.  Unlike that high tech device in your pocket, whose average life expectancy is about a year, or Botox that has to be redone every four months.  A custom suit will be there on your shoulders, showing the world just how much you value quality and what high expectations you have for yourself for years and years to come.

There are millions and millions of iPhones out there, but your custom suit is yours and yours alone.  The pleasure of knowing it was precisely made just for you is something unlike any other purchase you can make.  So when you buy a new suit, don’t settle for the middle-of-the-road, make it 4S!