Winter is Coming, Are You Ready?

Chilly days lie ahead, which got us to thinking.  Do you have your 100% cashmere?  Your Khan cashmere?  Your sherry tweed, your luxury wool, your Australian fine merinos?  Your car coats, sports jackets and that fantastic three-piece suit with ticket pocket?  Are they already hanging in your closet, shipped to you and now ready, waiting to be worn, to be in this Winter season?  For those of us used to custom clothes, we know how warm and comfortable these clothes are, and how anxious and excited we are about the temperature finally dropping, so that the time has finally come ’round that we can wear our masterpiece cold weather garments again. Of course we’re excited!  Usually, the only thing that comes with that drop on the thermostat is freezing rain and pounding snow.  Bummer!  But why wallow in it?  So the days are shorter and the nights are colder.  But the clothes are fantastic.

Be aware!  Slippery when wet/snowy road ahead.  One must wonder how we keep our attire fashionably uncompromising (which is to say, not landing three blocks ahead after slipping on the sidewalk while wearing those nice laced up shoes on a rainy day) or looking highly inappropriate by pairing your trendy outfit with some horrid, rubbery piece (no exceptions, rubber shoes are for kindergarteners).  Not to worry though, we’ve got your back.  We all struggle to look stylish on weather-challenged days, but here is how to do it on your feet with class and ease.

Wear water-resistant shoes, and really nice ones, too!  They come in all styles, from boots to loafers, leather or suede.  They might be a bit more chunky than your regular shoes, but that’s the type of shoes that go well with those winter-weight suits anyway.

So the next time it rains, go ahead and look sharp in your nice suit, and put on your nice shoes, too.  No worries if they get a bit wet!  These babies are not just really stylish, they are built to play rough and make the most rugged of sites accessible while still making your feet look and feel fabulous.

Some of our top picks…

Available at: Fratelli Rossetti, 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 888-5107 (Find them on Facebook at:



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