Luxury Edition

Just in time for the holiday season, what has been one of the best compliments to our bespoke suits for many years: Tino Cosma ties!  Characterized by high-quality silk and a perfect manufacturing process, the Luxury Edition is limited, handmade and a perfect gift for the man who appreciates exceptional quality.  These are, by far, the most fashionable stocking stuffers we can think of.

Why are we obsessed with these ties?  Because they are understated luxury at its finest.  The Luxury Edition is a collection of silk ties woven in sixteen & eight-ply (if you don’t know what it is, the best way to describe ply is that they are the individual strands that are woven together to make a strand of yarn). The unusually high thread count adds to the exceptional richness and the invaluable high quality of the fabric.  We are thinking double Windsor knots all the way with these.  And with this Luxury Edition, the buyer can easily see the red thread that is sewn along the back of the tie, as well as a gold medallion fixed on the back; always a nice touch.  Tino Cosma goes even further to acknowledge the craftsmanship of the person who handmade that particular tie.  So don’t forget, when you buy your Tino Cosma Luxury Edition from Joseph’s, be sure to take a look at the tag on the back and thank Mrs. Fiorella, or whomever that person may be, for their handiwork.

The new Tino Cosma Collection interprets the very essence of “made in Italy.” Tino Cosma is the expression of tradition, the innovator of impeccable elegance, quality and detail.  The precious fabrics and exclusive designs have been Tino Cosma marks of distinction and Italian luxury since 1946.

The story of the Tino Cosma Company began in 1946 in a workshop in Motta di Livenza, where the founder Vittorio Cosma laid the creative groundwork for the future.  In 1969, Tino Cosma launched his first innovative collection of ties and implemented the transformation of his quaint space from workshop into fashion industry.  The Tino Cosma label started growing in reputation and spread worldwide quickly.  In the ’80s, the company’s great successes in America allows the opening of the Fifth Avenue boutique in New York City.  Tino Cosma ties are today retailed all over the world to men of style.  These men know the quality tie that Tino Cosma produces, and this is why when their Fifth Avenue boutique closed not so long ago, the company knew they would have to find a retailer who embodied their same work ethic when it came to the products they produced.  This is where we come in.

Joseph’s has been carrying Tino Cosma neckwear since the Spring of 2010, and so far, it has proven to be a great pairing.  Symbols of style and quality, handmade with precious silks in exclusive designs, they help to spread “made in Italy” worldwide.

Here are some of our favorite Tino Cosma neckwear that are currently in our Fall/Winter collection.  They make great stocking stuffers and gifts to any sophisticated father, brother, friend, boyfriend, fiancée, husband or grandfather that may be in your life.


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