The Next Step: Accessories

We’ve been talking about your wardrobe and reinforced our opinion multiple times on how it should be timeless, classic and harmonious, where every single piece can almost always be paired with another.

Hopefully, the foundation to your wardrobe is very strong, and now you are ready to build a distinguished look.  One that sets you apart, one that turns heads, open doors and closes deals.  This is done with a great wardrobe complimented by great accessories.  It’s all about making a statement.  Whether you are a more conservative sort or more fashion-forward, these are the pieces a successful man like you should own.

There will always be something you just want, like a Bottega Veneta woven leather iPad case, or something you should have, like a fantastic Meisterstück Classique Ballpoint Pen by Montblanc.  But for now, we will guide to some essential accessories.

Cuff links
The easiest, most subtle way (or not, think bejeweled ones) to adorn your shirt and show some style. If you want to take baby steps into the fantastic world of accessories, these should be among those first tiny moves.  Thanks to France’s King Louis XIV, who actually took the initiative on this fantastic accessory way back in the 18th Century.

Pocket squares
Just as with cuff links, go very minimal but with a ton of attitude.  Pockets squares are just as stylish when, in fact, just a portion of the fabric is actually showing.  We suggest that you start with the classic white with maybe a colored trim, and once you are comfortable and know the rules of wearing them properly, you move on to different folds and unlimited colors and patterns.  Rule #1 of pocket squares: they should never match your tie!

Aviators, in particular, are the perfect shape for all face types (and they look just as great with your suit as with your jeans and other casual wear).  Choose highly polarized ones to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.

Neck wear
Ascots, cravats, bow ties, seven-fold ties…  Did someone say “tres chic?”  If you are on the market for seriously turning heads, this is right for you.  A bit more complex than the wardrobe basics, yet there’s a huge payoff!

Tuxedo studs set
An essential to your black tie affair wardrobe.  You should have your own set, period!  With so many choices of metals and of precious and semi-precious stones, you will surely find one that matches your personality.

A really great watch is something not to be overlooked.  If you are not going to inherit a Rolex or Vacheron Constantin from grandpa, we suggest you start looking to make an investment.  A great watch is probably among one of the most sophisticated accessories you will ever have.  Find one that compliments your lifestyle (diving, sailing, exploring, hiking some high mountain, or just trotting around some stylish European city looking like the stylish man you are).  They truly do have watches for all occasions!  And this is a great way to start your foray into haute horlogerie: the stainless-steel Oyster Perpetual Explorer by Rolex.

Think luxurious leather.  Functional (not high school, no backpacks), yet demur and stylish.

Duffel bags/gym bags
Don’t let one of these ever ruin your outfit.  Pick it wisely, just as carefully as you would a new suit.  Stay away from canvas, as that might dress down your great outfit.  Go for better quality, as it means a longer life for your bag.

Wallets/money clips
Whichever kind you prefer, but always stay in the best of tastes.  We love this kind of wallet, in particular: super slim and soft, with enough room for the things that really need to be in your wallet.  A perfect example of the kind of wallet we dream of is the Hermes wallet in Havana evergrain calfskin.


And, last, but certainly not least, a good umbrella for those rainy days.  It will always be in style, not to mention super clever, to have a great umbrella.  Just make sure it’s a high-quality one, sturdy enough to protect your other accessories on rainy days.


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