You know our dear ladies love a man in uniform, and that also applies for major sports athletes.  Some of our ladyfriends daydream off and on about them in the off-season, but mostly, they never get to see or hear from them until they’re back in uniform for the new season (unless A-Rod dating yet another Hollywood goddess).  So we snooped around a bit to see what they look like when they get to pick an outfit all on their own.

The results are surprising, ranging from “ultra swanky” to “I don’t have a style of my own yet” to even…  Well…  “Boring”!  Here are some of those dudes in our favorite (and not so favorite) clothes.

Mr. Dad! This guy is all about the professional, classic, put together look! Kudos, Eli!

Dwyane Wade: always chilling out. This guy is all about having a good time!

Trendy, he is enjoying the extra attention from the media and the ladies. His wardrobe has definitely stepped up to meet his celebrity status. Keep it up, Tebow!

Mark Sanchez is Mr. Nice Guy. He definitely has the look of being approachable. You think he is taking advantage of it?

Manny Ramirez: no words for this. We’re just going to say that matching your shirt to your lady’s outfit in such a way should be an offense allowed only for prom night.

Kobe Bryant is way too cool! He definitely has a bit of that “chill” West Coast thing going on. Other than that, his “I’m way too cool” reputation precedes him even off court.

Dustin Brown, the Guy Next Door. Dude, if you sat next to us in the Subway, we wouldn’t even see you there. It won’t hurt anyone to spice up the wardrobe just a tiny bit.

Robert Griffin III. We hope you find your style, or at least a great stylist, ASAP! From the horrible tux for your “Late Show” appearance to suits and knits more suitable for a 60-year-old man we don’t know. We think the most impressive thing you’ve worn are the nice socks, and not in a sartorial way, more like for the empowering message. Get to your homework, Rob!

Tom Brady is très chic. We guess these are the duties and responsibilities of having a supermodel wife.

A-Rod is hip. This guy really has the New York nightlife all covered!


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