Happy Father’s Day

If you have “sartorialness” in your blood, you can probably thank your dad, grandpa, your favorite uncle and all those important men in your life. After all, we all know, eventually what we follow are the actions of our father, not his advice! This Father’s Day, remember to thank dad for always leaving the house looking like the respectable man you now are.

You could start by thanking dads everywhere this way…

For those of you with a dad of impeccable taste, the gift of custom clothes is always the perfect choice! To magnify the experience, think of something that can make it even more memorable, like a jacket with the colors of his favorite football team, or get sappy and add a know to a custom shirt that reads “so that I’m always close to your heart” (this last one will earn you major points if you have been playing black sheep for a while).

Now, we know we all have different dads, so here are some gift ideas for some of the most difficult-to-buy-for of them! Happy Father’s Day!

The Cooking Dad.

Maverick Ready-Check Remote Cooking Thermometer & Timer

Dinner’s ready! Know when your meats are perfectly cooked with this remote-controlled thermometer. Its wireless transmitter works from up to 100 feet away, so he can mingle and enjoy the cookout, too!


While you’re at it, help him brand his masterpiece…

BBQ Branding Iron

This stainless steel branding iron is the perfect finishing touch for a steak “well done.” Just place the face of the iron on hot coals and brand a steak minutes before serving. The iron is personalized with any three initials.


The Adventurous Dad

Adventure Gifts

Cloud 9 Living offers 1,700+ adventure gifts. With experiences ranging from rock climbing, whitewater rafting and mountain biking to stock car racing, hang gliding and scenic helicopter and plane tours.


Mr. Dad

Trunk-it Golf Gear Case

What a mess, 500 tees everywhere. Good to see my four-dozen Pro V1s rolling around! Whoops, there’s only one shoe back here… And where is my sunblock?! Ever roll into the parking lot with this scene unfolding? This beauty can easily organize this messy situation.

The Geek Dad

X Cooper Wireless Game Rocker Chair

Sit comfortably for hours playing your favorite video games on the X Cooper Wireless Game Chair. The chair’s design lets you tilt and swivel as you play, and because it’s wireless, you can move it into a position for optimal viewing. This durable vinyl chair features armrests that fold up for convenience, and speakers inside the chair to give you the full sensory experience.


The Sports Fan Dad

Microbrew of the Month Club

Gift recipients receive 12 bottles of premium microbrews (4 different kinds) every month from award-winning breweries nationwide. Did someone say “game day”?


The Dad Who Has it All

No worries, add to his collection, then!

The Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch should do the trick. This unique timepiece features an inner ring that keeps track of the time at home, with traditional hour, minute, and second hands for local time, an advanced date function that knows the difference between 30 and 31-day months, and a ring command bezel that lets you quickly and easily choose.


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