Man Up!

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that we always have to push this subject…  But look, it’s not like you are going to lose a…  Well, it’s not that bad, is what we’re saying!  Just do It, you are going to love it, we promise!  Ever hear someone say, “because you are a man, you can’t take care of yourself”?  Prove them wrong!  What are we talking about?  One of the dread horrors for men, the one thing they all desperately need but are utterly terrified of getting…  We are talking about pedicures, and why many men out there are still giving this magical procedure a lot of extra thought.

Dead skin, aching feet, pressure from walking, exposure to the elements, not to mention your feet holding your body weight day in, day out.  Wouldn’t it be only fair to give them a little time off from time to time?  And if you still don’t care, just know that scaly feet are a major turn off when you’re under your lady’s sheets (this last, coming straight from the ladies of Joseph’s).

C’mon, get with it, especially now that, on top of everything, you will dare to put on some flip-flops for the beach or pool.  And many designers have launched male sandals collections.

That said, this is what you should do…

For the Beach or Pool ONLY!  Or on your way home from that most needed pedicure: a pair of flip-flops.  Stay classic please, the minute you spend too much time, effort and/or money, you are going to feel like you have to wear it a lot.  Our top pick?  Havaianas in Urban, comes in 4 neutral colors and the nylon top takes away some of that rubbery, too messy look.

Vineyard Vines, Grosgrain Sailor Stripe Flip Flops can be a bit more dressy.  By dressy, we mean “nicer.”  It’s hard to make flip-flops formal!

Gucci Horsebit Top-Strap Sandal

Now, for those cruise vacations or Hamptons nights smoking good cigars, wearing your long linen pants, you may wear the nice sandals.  Of course, only after the pedicure.

Dior Homme Leather Sandal

And these are the best places to get your feet back to normal without compromising your “manliness” in the Tri-State…

Nickel Spa For Men
77 Eight Avenue
New York, NY 10014

John Allan’s
Multiple Locations

Hope this helped!  Oh, and while you’re at it, get a manicure, too!