The PGA Expo

The 2012 PGA Championship wrapped up a few weeks ago at Kiawah Island, South Carolina, with Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland walking away with a win.  What does golf have to do with men’s fashion?  Well, you might recall that we talked the history of golf fashion before.  Fashion in golf can be eccentric, to put it mildly.

1974 called, they want their pants back. And then they want to set them on fire.

But when done right, all those argyle patterns, plaids and white belts can be downright charming.  And, what’s more, some of these fashion choices can easily be taken off the fairway to spice up a guy’s dull and lifeless wardrobe.  And remember, those outfits the players wear out on the links are mostly for show: they’re part of golf tradition.  The “country club” look, what the players wear when they’re just living the good life at the golf club, is something entirely different.

The PGA Expo, where companies show off all things new and wonderful for the golf world, and, in particular, where designers show off their golfing wears, just wrapped up in Las Vegas.  In recent years, the golf world has embraced a slightly more subdued look for golf attire…

Okay, not this subdued, but you get the idea.

Well, apparently, if one thing could be taken away from this year’s PGA Expo, it’s that colors are back in golf!  One of the bigger designers, Fairway and Greene, showed off a collection in every color of the rainbow and in every fabric.  An they weren’t alone.  Almost every designer showed off an incredibly colorful collection full of unique patterns and designs.

And the colors weren’t limited to shirts and pants.  Even accessories showed off a hugely colorful selection, like the belt collection from Canterbury Golf…

Or the newest sock collection from Kentwool…

Meanwhile, another trend that showed up a lot was a slimmer, more tapered and form-fitting cut than what has been showing up in golf fashion recently, as evidenced by Fairway and Greene’s new offerings…

Not everything was all colors and modernity, though.  Dunning Golf showed off a new line that featured a subdued, throwback European aesthetic…

So take a page from the golf greats, and try adding a little spirit of golfing to your wardrobe.  As you can see, the options are always unique.

…Just stay away from an all-argyle look, okay?


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