The Ultimate Menswear Name Drop

jay-z-tom-ford-650-430Fashion has always been an important part of the celebrity world. At every type of A-list event, the recurring interview question is always, “who are you wearing?” Some celebs have a certain designer they favor and wear to almost every event, while others constantly switch it up.

Some celebrities want the world to know who dresses them. Name drops on the red carpet or in magazine spreads are one way. Some music artists, mostly in the rap genre, give a shout out in their songs. But how about writing a whole song? That’s exactly what Jay- Z has done on his newest album. Designer Tom Ford is featured on the song titled… Well, “Tom Ford.”

Not surprisingly, Ford is flattered. In this interview from E! News Online, Ford states, “who would not be flattered to have an entire Jay-Z track named after them? I mean, come on, it’s pretty rare that something like that happens.”  Going deeper, he added, “it’s a kind of validation of one’s work, as it means that one has really penetrated and made an impact on popular culture.”  But best of all, he also said, “ I have to say, I think he looks great in my clothes.”  That’s the highest compliment a designer can make, so be proud, Jay-Z!

We appreciate this blend of fashion with the music and celebrity world, as we believe how you dress plays an important part on how you feel. Now we are just waiting for the hit song “Joey Wendt” to come out!


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