Mothers Day Gift Ideas from Joseph Wendt

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. This is a time to celebrate one of, if not the most, important woman in your life. We of course should recognize how much all mother’s do year round, but it’s nice to have one day a yready_women_3ear specifically dedicated to moms.

For more than two decades, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers has been known as a store for just men, but within the last year or so we’ve expanded to offer clothing and accessories for women. Stop into our Fifth Avenue South Store heck out some great Mother’s Day gift ideas:

WomAnatomie en’s Clothing: Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers carries women’s lines from Luigi Borbone and Anatomie.

Accessories: Josephe Wendt Custom Clothiers offers scarves accessories_1010_1and shawls for women.

Glassware: If the wine matters, so does the glass. It’s the simple. Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers sells a beautiful line of wine glasses from Bottega del Vino Crystal, not available through mass merchants. Each crystal glass is handmade. Tasting  after tasting, test after test, time after time, wine enthusiasts are amazed by the difference the glass makes.


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