Joseph Wendt Winter Style Guide: Coats

As we stay in the cooler months, you may find yourself looking to update your winter wardrobe. Should you go for a casual hoodie or a more professional looking overcoat? It may be a good idea to get more than one. There are many occasions that require different jacket types: athletics, dates, work/meetings, travel, casual/everyday. This chart from real men real style gives you almost every jacket type around. It also places them on a range based on weather protection versus formal/casual.

Just be sure your coat matches the feel of the day. If you are going to a meeting, it’s best to wear an overcoat, peacoat, or trench, not a puffy ski jacket or vest. If you work in an artsy field like graphic design, you can probably wear any jacket to a meeting and get away with it.  Although the chart says duffel style coats are semi-formal, they don’t look out of place in a casual setting. Bright colors are best suited for casual coats while dark, neutral colors are good for formal ones. Most of all, be aware of the current temperature! You don’t want to sacrifice warmth for style. So even if you have to wear a parka to a meeting, it’s better to keep your body warm than risk getting sick from the cold.