Six Tie Tips | Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers


1. Proper Tie Length

You see men wearing ties of every length you can imagine. But what’s the recommended tie length? You should have your tie tip touching your belt line. Whether you have a thick or thin style, you should generally use this length.

2. Skinny Ties are In

Fat ties are out of style nowadays. Not that you can’t wear them anymore! But to be in style with the latest trend, you will want to tend toward narrower tie widths. Generally a width of 2 ¼ inches to 2 ¾ inches at the widest point.

3. Learn to tie properly

For a great knot size, try the four-in-hand knot. It works well with most collar types and will always look nice. How to tie knots

4. Basic Ties

You should have a basic collection of ties that will go with any outfit. These typically include solid black, grey, crimson, and blue.

5. Add a bit of flair

If you are tired of your basic ties, add a few patterns! You don’t have to go crazy with them if you are uncomfortable with it. But having a new pattern can really make your outfit stand out.

6. Tie Clips

A tie clip is not essential, but it definitely adds a bit of class to your outfit. Invest in a black clip, and also a silver or gold one for a bit of extra color.

At Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, apart from providing the perfect custom suit, we also carry a great selection of accessories including ties! Come by our shop on Fifth Avenue South and view what we have to offer. 400 fifth Avenue South Suite 100 Naples, Florida 34102.


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