Joseph Wendt’s Guide to Hats

Do you know the difference between a fedora and a trilby? What about a stockman and a western? There are probably more hats than you think. Many have gone out of style, while others are being brought back in trendy cities like New York. You don’t have to just stick to baseball caps! There are so many more hats out there to fit your style.


Many times we wear hats to keep away the sun or warm our heads. Sun hats are great for blocking rays but are not the most attractive option. Other options include panama hats, baseball caps, western, and a few more wide-brimmed hats. For the cold, you’d want to stick with skull caps, trappers, and astrakhans.


You don’t want to be wearing a baseball hat with a suit! That’s an obvious faux paus. Baseball hats are best for casual wear. You need to be certain the hat matches the occasion. An exception can be made for cold weather wear. If you are wearing a skull cap with a suit in the snow, people will understand that staying warm is more important that looking nice.

The guide below from Real Men Real Style will give you some illustrations to help you find  right hat for the right occasion. Don’t settle for just one hat, get a few!


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