Winter Wear Style Tips

If you’re a full time Floridian, you know we don’t have much of a seasonal cycle. Our winter consists of a few weeks out of the year that the temperature may hit the 50s. The rest of the country is not so lucky. If you live in almost any state other than Florida or Hawaii, you can expect to bundle up when winter comes. Winter is still a reality in many states, so be sure to use these tips when you travel to any of them.

Don’t Forget Accessories

A coat is a necessary part of your winter wear, but you don’t want to be left without necessary accessories. A hat is key to keeping your skull and ears toasty. Get something simple like a ski cap, which can go with any outfit. Avoid ear muffs and pom-pom hats. Your hands need covering too. Get some nice leather gloves, or even some smartphone gloves. These gloves are designed so you don’t need to remove them to use your phone. Don’t wear just any socks in winter. A warm pair of winter-specific socks will keep your feet from freezing and possibly cramping.

Use a Scarf

Your coat may not be able to cover your neck, and leaving it exposed can be uncomfortable in very cold weather. Get a scarf with a simple pattern or color like black or navy. Learn to properly tie it to ensure your neck stays warm. Here is an Ask Men article on proper scarf tying.

Properly Care for Your Leather

Leather jackets look sharp, but sometimes we are afraid to wear them during snow or rain. Invest in a genuine leather jacket and a cleaning kit to keep it looking fresh. There are sprays available that can help repel water.

Don’t Wear UGGs

This should be a no-brainer. The ultra popular UGG boot is meant more for the college crowd. Invest in a nice pair of boots that can survive rain and snow. If you plan to be out and about in the cold, you may want to get boots with a warm liner.



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