Stylish Bags for Men

The trend has been growing in recent years. Men are starting to carry bags other than backpacks. This is largely due to the growing technology trend of larger screens on phones and the widespread use of iPads and laptops. Men want to use something stylish to carry their belongings. Backpacks are unprofessional and unappealing. There are tons of bags out there catered to the stylish male, it’s time you got one!

Royce Leather Executive Weekender Duffel Bag $175


Weekender bags are a growing category in men’s style. They tend to be similar to duffle bags, but are more stylish and come in higher quality materials like leather or suede. This bag has room for extra clothes, all your electronics, and more. It features handles or a strap to carry on your shoulder.

Burberry Checked Satchel $1049.55


This messenger style bag from Burberry is for the stylish professional. It’s the perfect carry-on bag for travelers. It can hold your laptop and a few other items. It comes with a luggage tag as well. It features handles or a strap to fit your carrying preference.

Saint Laurent Duffle Bag $1,990


Though it may seem expensive, if you are a busy business traveler, you will want to have a good-looking, durable carry-on. This duffle bag fits all the criteria. It is extremely well made, and has enough room for clothes, electronics, paperwork. It is a versatile bag, great for traveling or for when you head to work and plan to hit the gym after.

Fossil Estate E/W Messenger Bag $178

fossil bag

This stylish messenger bag is both affordable and well made. It can hold a 14” laptop. The interior features pen holders, a credit card slot, a zipper pocket, and 3 slip pockets. The extrior features one slip pocket for easy to reach items. This is a great bag for work or as an everyday carry.


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