Men’s Bathing Suit Guide


Luckily for Floridians, we get to enjoy a much milder and shorter winter than the rest of the country. So it’s almost time to shed those sweaters and long pants in exchange for swimsuits and towels at the beach. You check your closet only to see old, outdated trunks that don’t even fit anymore. Time to go out and find that perfect swimsuit! Here’s what is in style now and what trends you want to be sporting at the beach.


This is the most common swimwear for men in the US. They look just like shorts, which is probably why they have gained such popularity. The fabric is different from shorts in that it is a fast-drying material like nylon or polyester. They may also contain an interior lining.


I thought these were the same as trunks? Some places like to interchange the term. Boardshorts are just longer versions of trunks. Usually they come to or past the knee. The waste is typically non-elastic.

Square Cut Shorts

These are similar to trunks but are skin-tight. They are much better for active use, like swimming laps or competitive sport. They come in long and short versions.

Swim briefs (Speedos)

These are typically popular in Europe, though many Americans like to sport them. They are similar to briefs and are tight.

So which is right for me?


If you plan to use this swimsuit mainly for doing laps in the pool, you will want to go for a tighter fitting suit. Trucks and boardshorts will just get in the way. Stick with the tighter square cut shorts to give yourself a streamlined movement.

In Style

Definitely the most trendy swimwear for men are shorter trunks. These don’t need to be extremely short, nor should they be tight. The bottom of the trunks should reach about mid to ¾ of the way down the thigh. Get them fitted, as bulky trunks are unflattering. Go for a stylish color, maybe a turquoise or peach.


There are many swim trunks available that look just like regular shorts. Get them in your regular length, and a simple, solid color like black, navy, or tan. This will give you a professional look while you’re out on the water.

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