Dressed-up Sneakers

If you are over 30, you do not want to keep wearing shoes meant for high school kids. Upgrade your wardrobe with mature, age-appropriate sneakers. Sneakers are comfortable, so we understand why you may not want to wear dress shoes all day, every day. Dressed-up sneakers can be worn casually, or even to work if your job allows for a more laid-back dress code. Here are some recommendations for your next sneaker shopping trip.

Avoid Slip on Sneakers

Keep the laces on your sneakers. Slip on loafers are nice, but laceless sneakers are a turn off. They remind us of those prison slip ons, and you don’t want people thinking that about your footwear!

Hydrogen-1 Shoes

These shoes provide the comfort of sneakers with the style of a dress shoe. Hidden behind a leather facade, anyone looking at your feet will think you have on a nice pair of dress shoes.

Nike 1972 QS Deep Red

Apart from the subtle Nike swoosh, nobody will suspect these are sneakers. The dark leather exterior gives these comfortable sneakers a dressed-up look. They are perfect for a night out, or running errands around town.

The Rail Mateo Sneaker

Sticking with dark colors and leather will help disguise sneakers. This black pair combines suede and leather to create a sharp looking sneaker great for casual outings.



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