Gianfranco Lotti | Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers

In the world of luxury goods, especially handbags, Gianfranco Lotti has a strong reputation. Their use of high quality materials and the touch of a gentle hand make their products stand out among the crowd. The company provides bags and accessories for both men and women. Women can shop for bags, foulards, gloves, cashmere, leather wallets and cases. Men can pick up bags, wallets, belts, pochettes, gloves, and knitwear.

Gianfranco Lotti was a real person, born in Florence, she was heavily inspired by the city. “I wanted to give something back after all the beauty I received and that surrounded me in Florence.” Since 1968, she and her company have been creating these precious luxury handbags. Currently, all their stores are located in Europe, with one in Chongqing, China.

One Piece Only

Those looking for a bag that fits their needs and style perfectly will benefit from Gianfranco Lotti’s One Piece Only service. This is the “ultimate personal experience of designing a unique bag”. The participant works directly with one of the brand’s art directors to create a truly one of a kind bag. The piece is pure craftsmanship. Where else can you go to create a luxury bag that only you can get?

Find only the best products in both quality and style at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers. We have hand-picked all the brands that we showcase in our store, so you can guarantee the product is made to last.



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