Great Gifts for Groomsmen

If you plan to get married, you’ll need a new suit. Apart from that, your groomsmen will need suits as well! It’s important not to forget about them, as most times you will notice the groom and groomsmen matching. Once you pick your style and color, all you need is for each guy to get fitted for the big day.

Now that each groomsman is dressed to the nines, you’ll want to give him a little something for coming out and being part of your wedding. Gifts for groomsmen can be as simple as a gift card or elaborate like a custom cigar case. It’s important to figure out what they all will like and use. We’ve got some ideas if you’re stuck in a rut, or are too busy trying to figure out where to seat your family members during the rehearsal dinner.

Groomsmen Gifts

Tie Clip
Not every guy has a nice tie clip. Get these custom engraved with their initials to make it extra special.

Whiskey Stones-

Money Clip
Everyone has money! A custom money clip for each groomsmen is a special gift they can use daily.

Shaving Kit
If your friends are bearded, or enjoy the art of shaving, you’ll want to get them a nice shaving kit. It should include the razor, brush, and soap.

If all your buddies enjoy the finer liquors and spirits, get them a custom flask with their name on it.

Even if your friends aren’t outdoorsmen, no guy can resist a shiny blade with their initials on it.

Poker Set
This is a fun gift that the guys can use and play together, and take home to use with their own friends and family. Don’t be surprised if you start having weekly poker nights!

Personalized Cufflinks
Not everyone wants to go out and spend hard cash on cufflinks. They’re a great gift that the guys can wear on the wedding day. Get a unique cufflink for each. Maybe a gear cufflink for the automotive junkie, and a football helmet for your fantasy football buddy.

Whiskey Stones
If you know the guys like to down a few drinks after work, grab them some whiskey stones. These stones will keep your spirit chilled to the perfect temperature without diluting them.

Beer Soap Set
This is a unique gift for the beer connoisseur in the group. It’s a pack of 6 beer soaps of different scents like chocolate stout.


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