Men’s Winter Wear

As November gives way to December, that means we can start expecting chillier weather. As Floridians, especially in the far south of the state, we don’t feel these cold temperatures. We may get a few days of 30-40 degree weather, but that’s it. Most of us that live here year round just don’t have the winter gear for this weather. Instead we see people going outside to freeze in sweats, Ugg boots, and a hoodie, just trying to stay warm.

If you are from anywhere else in the country, you know how to handle the cold. You may not like it, but you know how to tie a scarf, when to wear boots, how to layer. It’s important to have the right clothes for winter, not just to look good, but also to stay warm. When it gets too cold it’s best not to go outside, but sometimes you have to step out to get to the car, or go to the store.

We’ve got some top picks for men’s winter clothes this season. It’s time to grab a coat, sweater, winter-ready pants, and accessories. If you are planning a trip to another part of the country, these clothes are going to be essential (trust us).

tech tip gloves

Tech Tip Fleece Gloves $7.94
Old Navy


Henley Shirt $17.99

pattern knit

Pattern-knit Cotton Sweater $39.99

patagonia jacket

Bivy Down Jacket $249
Patagonia at Nordstrom

pea coat

Pea Coat $99

padded jacket

Padded Jacket $39.99 (on sale)


Fair Isle Scarf $12.50
Old Navy


Straight Leg Corduroy Pants $34.91 (Sale)


ECCO Findlay Wing Tip Boot $220


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