Best New Year Resolutions for Men

You want to keep improving yourself, right? What person doesn’t? We read to learn more, watch documentaries, exercise, go to Toast Masters events, network, and learn skills to help us socially and in our jobs. I don’t think there is anyone out there who is content enough to never want to improve.


Well, it’s that time of year again when everyone starts coming up with the goals they plan to keep for the upcoming 12 months. The reality is, only 8% of those people actually will  be successful in achieving their resolution, while 49% have infrequent success, and 24% never succeed and fail on their resolution each year (Statistic Brain). The most popular type of resolution? According to Statistic Brain, it’s Self improvement or education related resolutions. Next are weight related, then money, then relationship.

As a guy, what are some of the resolutions you should be focusing on for 2016?

  • Get in shape (head to the gym more)
  • Cut out junk and processed foods
  • Take care of your body (skincare/grooming)
  • Invest in yourself (Better clothes, good haircut)
  • Focus on communicating better
  • Improve your finances (pay down debt, learn to invest)
  • Start a new hobby
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink less (especially if you’re looking to get in shape)

There are plenty more resolutions out there, these are just some of the top ones that can help you define what you want to accomplish next year.

So let’s hear it, what are your 2016 resolutions and how do you plan to demolish them?

The Ugly Christmas Sweater History

It’s that time of year to break out the kindling and heat up the fire place. So warm it up, grab something to eat and drink, and get comfortable as I tell you the story of the ugly Christmas sweater.

Nowadays this winter fashion fad is pervasive. You can pick up one of these “ugly sweaters” at any major store. It used to be that you would have to hunt for a sweater like this, which was part of the fun. You would get a vintage sweater from a family member’s closet, or sort through the thrift store, and show it off at the holiday party. But as with everything else, this small tradition for some has become a commercial money maker for big fashion.

festivus sweater

It may seem like a recent fad, and it is. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Part Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On (what a title), states that there was a noticeable increase in these types of parties around 2001. It’s believed that it started in Vancouver, Canada, but it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact moment the ugly Christmas sweater party came into being.

Within these past few years, brands like H&M, and retailers like Target and Nordstrom are cashing in on the craze with their own purposefully made “ugly sweaters”. Meanwhile, thrift stores like Goodwill are making bank on hipsters, moms, and office workers looking to make a splash at their holiday party with a true ugly sweater.

Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just an American thing. The Christmas jumper (as their called in England) is also a hit.

So the question is: Why are they so darn popular? There are a few reasons I can think of. One is our love of holidays and nostalgia. Who doesn’t enjoy popping in one of the older Christmas movies like Frosty the Snowman and remembering how Christmas was as a kid. These sweaters are throwbacks to an earlier time in our lives and many enjoy reminiscing on that.

A second reason is that many of us enjoy dressing up and being ironic. We know these sweaters are ugly…that’s the point! We all wear them to the party and remark on how ugly each others’ is. It’s fun to wear something like that when everyone else is wearing one too.

Another reason could be that people in the US just love clothes and trends. Something too trendy, like suspenders, has yet to catch on because too few people wear them, and many of us aren’t comfortable being that far on the fringes of fashion. But once you start catching coworkers, the guy on the bus, or your best friend wearing something trendy, it soon becomes mainstream and you have to have it. Now that ugly Christmas sweaters are popping up in places like Target, they are now mainstream and therefore ok to wear out. Plus, you don’t want to be the only one at the ugly Christmas sweater party without one!

But be careful on your selection. Those shopping last minute will end up with a store-bought sweater that many others at the party may have. If you really want to stand out, hit up your friends and family members to see if anyone has a real vintage sweater you can borrow. If not, it’s time to stop by the thrift store and start hunting.

Now don that ugly Christmas sweater with pride, it’s the only time of year you can wear it.

The Best Christmas Presents for Men

As a guy, we know just what we want for Christmas, and usually we will let others know what we want. But sometimes you have that friend and they don’t even know what they want, or just say “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything” which is code for “You should get me something”.

So what do you get for that guy who won’t drop any hints? Don’t go trudging through the store aisles or pop into every place at the mall, browsing until you find that perfect thing (does that strategy ever work anyways?). Instead, we’re going to list the best products that any guy would be happy to receive as a gift this Christmas season. Let’s get into it!

kimono winston

Komono Winston Watch
These are sleek, minimal, and come in tons of colors and designs.


It may look simple, but you shouldn’t need a huge machine to make great coffee. This little baby will make the best cup you’ve ever had.

Trunk Club Gift Card
Varying prices
Do you have that friend who seems to always wear the same thing? Get him a Trunk Club gift card to level up his wardrobe.


Harry’s Winston Chrome Set
Set up your boyfriend or best bro with the best grooming kit out there.

shot glasse

Shot Glasses & Carrying Case
If you guys love camping as much as you love drinking, you need to get these.

knife kit

Scrimshaw Knife Kit
With this kit, you can etch into this knife, creating a unique pocketknife all your own.

gin kit

Homemade Gin Kit
Everyone has that friend who keeps talking about wanting to make their own alcohol or homebrew some beer. Get him this kit and see what comes out of it.

tablet case

Mod Tablet 2 Mini- Executive
This stylish tablet case is for the businessman, or the guy who pretends to be one but is just an intern.

carry on cocktail

Carry On Cocktail- Old Fashioned
You know, for those long flights where you can’t go without a stiff drink.

skin care kit

Traveler’s Skin Care Kit
Now there’s no excuse not to have awesome skin.

the stash notebook

The Stash Notebook 5.5” x 9”
For those guys who want a notebook that makes people go “woah”.