The Best Christmas Presents for Men

As a guy, we know just what we want for Christmas, and usually we will let others know what we want. But sometimes you have that friend and they don’t even know what they want, or just say “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything” which is code for “You should get me something”.

So what do you get for that guy who won’t drop any hints? Don’t go trudging through the store aisles or pop into every place at the mall, browsing until you find that perfect thing (does that strategy ever work anyways?). Instead, we’re going to list the best products that any guy would be happy to receive as a gift this Christmas season. Let’s get into it!

kimono winston

Komono Winston Watch
These are sleek, minimal, and come in tons of colors and designs.


It may look simple, but you shouldn’t need a huge machine to make great coffee. This little baby will make the best cup you’ve ever had.

Trunk Club Gift Card
Varying prices
Do you have that friend who seems to always wear the same thing? Get him a Trunk Club gift card to level up his wardrobe.


Harry’s Winston Chrome Set
Set up your boyfriend or best bro with the best grooming kit out there.

shot glasse

Shot Glasses & Carrying Case
If you guys love camping as much as you love drinking, you need to get these.

knife kit

Scrimshaw Knife Kit
With this kit, you can etch into this knife, creating a unique pocketknife all your own.

gin kit

Homemade Gin Kit
Everyone has that friend who keeps talking about wanting to make their own alcohol or homebrew some beer. Get him this kit and see what comes out of it.

tablet case

Mod Tablet 2 Mini- Executive
This stylish tablet case is for the businessman, or the guy who pretends to be one but is just an intern.

carry on cocktail

Carry On Cocktail- Old Fashioned
You know, for those long flights where you can’t go without a stiff drink.

skin care kit

Traveler’s Skin Care Kit
Now there’s no excuse not to have awesome skin.

the stash notebook

The Stash Notebook 5.5” x 9”
For those guys who want a notebook that makes people go “woah”.


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