6 Good Books for Men

It’s important to keep reading, you can never learn enough. If the last book you remember reading came from a high school or college English class, it may be time to pick something up. If you’re too busy to sit and read, download an audiobook for the gym or the car. There’s no excuse not to read at least one book a year.


Now, the problem if you do enjoy reading is what book to pick up. The library and bookstores are filled to the brim with them, it can be tough to find something you will be satisfied with. We have some great recommendations for guys that are ambitious. That means the guys (like you) who want to do something, be a leader, start a business. Or maybe you just admire ambitious people. You’re going to like at least one of these books guaranteed.

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller Sr. 
By Ron Chernow
You know him as the oil baron and one of the most famous last names in the US. Besides being extremely fruitful in business, he started to become more open-minded and generous as he gained more success.

The 48 Laws of Power
By Robert Greene
This is a classic. You just have to read it to get what its all about. “Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, The 48 Laws of Power is the definitive manual for anyone interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control.”

By Marcus Aurelius
This is a favorite of those that abide by the stoic philosophy. Many people I admire call it one of the best books they’ve read. It was written by a man who was likely one of the most powerful of his time. He talks about self-discipline, humility, responsibility, and more.

The Power Broker
By Robert A. Caro
In opposition to Marcus Aurelius, Robert Moses whom this book is about, was powerful but also a jerk. He was driven, ambitious, and had smarts, but he was not compassionate and it turned him into a monster.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
By Dale Carnegie
Alright, I had a hard time picking up this book at first. A friend bought it for me, but I thought the title was so cheesy. I didn’t want to be one of those people who read self-help type books. But I was so wrong! The ideas and advice in here seems so common sense, but it seems like not many people abide by them. I use some of these ideas in my daily life that’s how much this book impacted me.

Status Anxeity
By Alain de Botton
It’s the problem you don’t think is a problem. You’re ambitious and want to be on the top, what’s wrong with that? Well ambition is both good and bad, as it is a huge source of anxiety and frustration. This book will help you manage your ambitious tendencies and

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