Social Skills Every Guy Should Know


Everyone needs to master the appropriate social skills to survive in work, school, and life. The way you act in certain situations can change, and you have to adapt to the setting. I’m sure you know some people out there that could use a bit of help with their social manners. But maybe you’re thinking, I don’t need this. Well, there are plenty of tips out there that can come in handy during special situations.  So what are the basic skills you need to know?

You may not be aware of it, since you can’t see yourself, but the way you move your body, stand, sit, and walk can say a lot about you. You can appear confident, timid, scared, nervous all through the way you position your body. Have you ever tried working on your body language? Here are some tips to help you master the art of posture, conversation, and first impressions.

  1. Avoid touching your pockets
    Keeping your hands in your pockets can be a sign of nervousness or feeling uncomfortable. By hiding part of yourself, it can give off the impression that you want to hide. Also, hands in the pocket can lead to slouching. Rather, you should put your hands on your hips.
  2. Look forward
    Eye contact is a huge deal! It can be nerve-wracking to look someone in the eye. But by looking down or away, it can indicate that you don’t want to interact. Stand and walk with your chin up and eyes looking straight. Practice in the mirror, it may be silly but it will help.
  3. Master the handshake
    A weak handshake can be off putting to some people, especially because a handshake may be someone’s first impression of you. Go in for a firm grasp, but don’t try and crush their hand or hold it too long.
  4. Don’t move around so much
    Fidgeting is an obvious sign that you’re nervous. It’s not a good look for anybody, but it can be a habit you may not even be aware that you’re doing. Have a friend mention each time you fidget so you become more aware of it and can keep it under control.
  5. Refrain from crossing your arms
    You may think crossing your arms exudes power and confidence. But think about the muscular bouncer at a night club, would you want to go talk to him? NO! That’s what people will think of you if you stand and cross your arms. It may make you seem unapproachable.
  6. Stand straight
    It’s easy and comfortable to slouch, but it just doesn’t look right. Standing straight with your shoulders back slightly gives off an air of confidence. Practice!
  7. Smile!
    You may forget to smile! It’s ok, but try throwing one in every so often during a conversation. You can’t see your face, but your conversation patner sees it the whole time. Practice with a friend or in front of the mirror to see how often you’re smiling.
  8. Groom properly
    We have another blog on grooming habits. It’s important to come up with a grooming routine that works for you. You don’t want to meet someone and look a mess. Even if you know you’re an excellent conversationalist, that first impression can leave people thinking you’re sloppy.
  9. Listen!
    If you are having a conversation, it can be tough to remember to stop and listen to the other person. You want to get all your thoughts and ideas out there. But if the other person has no time to talk, or feels that you aren’t paying attention, it will leave a sour taste. Show you’re listening by responding to what they’re talking about, nodding your head, laughing, and smiling.




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