What Happens to Your Suit at the Dry Cleaners?

AskMen posted a fascinating article about the dos and don’ts of dry cleaning.  You can read the whole thing right here.  In short, whenever you get your suits dry cleaned, you’re ruining your clothes.

Machine wash and hang your dress shirts yourself.  If you have to use the dry cleaners, ask for hand ironing instead of machine pressing.  Don’t forget to put the kibosh on any starch, that shortens the lifespan of the shirts.

With your suits, only dry clean them once a season, or four times a year.  Any more than that, and you’re putting undue strain on the fibers of the suit.  Clean any minor spots and stains by hand in-between cleanings.  And steam your suits to get the wrinkles out.  You can do that with a clothes steamer, which you can find at any bath and kitchen store.  If you’re feeling really, really rushed, we’ve known some people who will hang their suit in the bathroom, turn the shower on at maximum heat and close the door for a couple of hours!  Don’t do that.  Just buy a steamer.

If you did get something cleaned, look out for three signs of a bad cleaner: your clothes fit differently, your clothes look shiny and your clothes have mysterious, brand new indents.  The shiny thing is the tricky part.  We’ve all probably seen that and thought, “wow, it’s so clean, it’s shining!”  No…  The fabric’s been CRUSHED.

All of this got us thinking, of course, about the suits we make.  Another wonderful benefit of a custom suit over an off-the-rack one is the sheer quality of the materials involved.  The more “fine” the product, the more we tend to treat it with kid gloves.  But in reality, that better product is hardier, made of sterner stuff and better designed.  We should all take the advice of that AskMen column seriously, but if you’ve invested in a suit of a higher-caliber, that suit just might need less cleaning and last far, far longer.  Which is why whenever we’re asked, “why custom?” we say, “It’s the difference between good and great!”

Workout Gear for Guys

You want to get in shape and look amazing. Maybe you are doing it to impress others, or maybe you want to do it just for yourself. Either way, you will need the proper gear to get started. You can’t workout in cargo shorts and flip flops, it’s just not safe (or fashionable!).  A few of the basics you need are sneakers, pants/shorts, shirt, and jacket (if it’s cold). Then you will want a gym bag to put it all in.

The thing about sneakers, is that they’re not all made equal. A pair of converse may not be so great for running. And a pair of running shoes may not be best for weight lifting. You need to pick shoes that will match the type of activity you plan to do.


Adidas Pure Boost 2.0 $120
Running shoe


Nike Lunar Tempo $110 (on sale for $74)
Running shoe



Nike Zoom Hypercross TR2 $130
Training shoe

Whether it’s hot or cold, or you’re working inside or outside, you’re going to need pants.


Underarmour Men’s UA SC30 Warm-Up Pants $69.99


Soybu ‘Samurai’ Moisture Wicking Stretch Performance Shorts $50

Wearing a cotton t shirt is fine for working out. But shirts made for athletics will help your skin breath better and prevent tons of sweat stains.




Under Armour Men’s Charged Cotton Just Sayin Too Basketball Sleeveless Shirt $25

Bernard Zins Pants

There are pants, your everyday ordinary pants from the department store. They fit ok, they cover your legs and do the job. But don’t you want a pant that is the highest in terms of manufacturing quality, fabric selection, cutting, and innovation? These are the four values that make Bernard Zins one of the top pant makers in the business. You mention this brand, and people in the fashion industry know just who you are talking about.

bernard zins pants

“You recognize well-done pants when they make you forget those you were just wearing prior”

A History

The company was founded by no other than Bernard Zins. Equipped with an engineering degree from the Arts et Metiers national school, he took a trip to research apparel productivity in the US in 1950. The trip was a formidable moment in his future fashion career. His schooling in engineering led him to understand industrial quality and tailoring, helping him develop many innovations.

In 1967, he founded this company, specializing in high end pants. By 1970, he had a showroom in a famous Parisian district. In the 70s and 80s, he develops multiple innovative techniques for lining, flies, pockets, pleats, and invisible seams. These innovations soon become the standard in pants making. They are used for prestigious brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, and Pierre Cardin.

10 quality points bernard zins

“Each Bernard Zins style is designed to ensure restraint, comfort, and resistance for an impeccable result.”

In recognition for his work in pants making, Bernard Zins is praised in an event put on by the Printemps Department Store in 1999. Today, Bernard Zins pants can be found in France, as well as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Japan. At Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we are proud to be carrying Bernard Zins pants.