How to pick the right groomsmen suits

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Weddings are full of so many decisions. What do we eat? What if someone is vegan? What color are the table clothes? Should we have table clothes? Do we need dessert? Chocolate or vanilla?

Before you start deciding on your suit, you need to think about what your groomsmen will wear, and even what the bridesmaids are wearing. It is becoming quite common to see similar colors used between both parties. If you and your fiancee are fans of this look, you will have to think long and hard about what you want your wedding party wearing.

Rent or Buy?

This is a big debate, and can even be a deal breaker for some members of your wedding party. Having to spend $500 on your own suit may be fine for you, as you are the one getting married. But having your groomsmen spend a few hundred to purchase matching outfits they may never wear again is a big deal.

You should discuss the options with them first to make sure they are all on board. It would be a disaster to have picked out the perfect custom suits only to have a member of the party tell you they can’t afford or don’t want to spend on it.

Decide on this first before you go choosing anything specific. This will help you narrow down what suits you can realistically pick out.

Color Combinations

If you’re planning to have groomsmen and bridesmaids match, you don’t need to go crazy with it. If they are wearing blue dresses, try to incorporate blue ties into your suits. You don’t need to be matching exactly, just make it appear that they are coordinated.

Here are a few sites with color ideas for your groomsmen:

25 Groomsmen Attire Ideas

Groomsmen | The Knot

Casual Groomsmen Attire | Pinterest

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t wait until the last minute to do this! Yes, there are tons of decisions you need to make for the wedding. But it’s best to plan it way out in advance to avoid the stress and headache of something not going right.

Make sure you get your party fitted early on and that the suits really do fit. You don’t want  to end up having your groomsmen come out with ill-fitting suits.

Don’t forget the shoes. You spend so much time thinking about blazers, suspenders, shirts, ties, bow ties, that you may neglect to think about the shoes you will be wearing to bring everything together.

Make sure you are dressing for the location as well. If you’re having a destination wedding in Hawaii, it may be best to wear lighter colors and fabrics. If you are going for an extra formal look and have a fancy location booked, you will want to have suits that match the venue. If you and your groomsmen are younger and fit into the “hipster” crowd, suspenders are a big trend you may want to consider.


Now we can’t tell you exactly what suits to get. You’ll have to go over that with your groomsmen and your partner. We hope this blog has been useful in some way to give you at least somewhat of an idea of how you want your wedding party to look.


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