When to wear a skinny tie


You’ve seen them popping up all over the place. The skinny tie is the “it” thing in the fashion world right now. And as with all “it” things, you need to figure out when the best time is to sport it.

There will be faux paus here and there, someone wearing a skinny tie with the wrong type of suit or during the wrong occasion (is there a wrong occasion?)

We’ll be going over the do’s and don’ts of skinny ties to help you always look your best.

The skinny tie basics

What constitutes a skinny tie? Well, a “regular” tie is usually about 3.5 inches wide, anything slimmer will be referred to as a skinny tie.

There are three sizes: 1.5-1.75 inches, 2-2.5 inches, and 2.75 to 3.25 inches.

Once you pick your perfect size (try each on to see how they look) you’ll need to pick the right fabric. Choose from all the regular tie fabrics like cotton, silk, knit cotton, microfiber, and wool.

Next, decide on the right length. According to Skinnyties.com about 90% of you will be getting a tie that’s about 56-58 inches, so don’t overthink the length too much. If you are above 6′ 3″ the site recommends a 58 inch long tie.

Now pull the whole tie together with a tie bar. Here are the recommended sizes based on the width of your tie, courtesy of skinnyties.com:

1.5″ tie = 1.25″ tie bar
1.75″-2″ tie = 1.5″ or 1.75″ tie bar2.25″ – 3″ tie = 1.75″ tie bar

When to wear a skinny tie

Now that you have your tie picked out, when can you wear it? First, you’ll want to make sure your proposed suit or outfit goes with the tie.

You will want slim fitting shirt, jacket, and narrow pants to match the skinny tie aesthetic.

The skinny tie goes great in casual settings, but it’s often not recommended for very formal events. You can get away with it at a formal event, but make sure it is a black silk tie.

A skinny tie goes great with a vest or with a well-fitted button down. Generally the types of men wearing these ties are slim and tall, especially since the skinny tie can make them appear even more tall and slim.

When do you wear your skinny tie? Have you worn one to a very formal event? Let us know in the comments below!


Dress Socks or No Socks?

When is it appropriate to sport the “no sock” look? You know the one I’m talking about, the guys wearing loafers, suits, and pants that are a little higher up so you can see their ankles….and the fact that they’re not wearing socks.



You commonly see this around fashion shows, but when else is it appropriate to be forgoing socks when wearing a suit?

The “Stop wearing dress shoes with no socks” argument

Over at Made Man, Joshua Fruhlinger remarks his disdain for men “rolling up their trousers, slipping on leather dress shoes, and leaving their socks at home.” He equates the look to when people decided that wearing a blazer with jeans was ok.

Here’s his argument:

“When you wear dress shoes without socks, you look unfinished. You look like a man-boy in a short suit. You look like a guy named ‘Blake’ who wants to tell you about his yacht that never leaves the slip.”

– Joshua, Made Man

I totally get it. It’s someone wearing a very formal outfit but still attempting to appear casual and fun. Suits were made to be formal. They’re meant for business meetings, weddings, and other important events.

Another argument against the “no socks” look is the fact that it can bread bacteria. When your feet sweat into your shoes it turns them into a sauna. This is a breeding ground for bacteria that thrive in moisture. It can make your shoes start to smell as well.

The “No socks” look is cool argument

Over at He Spoke Style, Brian mentions that there are 3 divisive things in the entire world: politics, sports, and the age-old socks or no socks debate. He says the issues is “so incredibly polarizing”.

He argues for and against the no socks debate.

His “no socks” pro argument is that it makes you stay cool on warm days. Another point is that for some shoes, like boat shoes, you aren’t supposed to wear socks with them.

Over at The Shoe Snob Blog, the author Justin argues that it’s really based on the outfit. He says an outfit like tan shoes, loafers, khaki jeans, a casual button up, and a sportcoat can allow for the no socks look.

“For me, the lighter your clothes (in color and it cloth weight) the easier it is to go sockless, as the contrast between skin and clothing is not so strong (hence why it is considered sartorial blasphemy to wear white socks with dress clothes).”

– Justin, The Shoe Snob Blog


Will this question ever have a clear answer?

No, I don’t see one. From what I’ve heard and read, there are people who embrace the no-socks look, and those that despise it. There are also many people in the middle who don’t care much either way.

If you do plan to try out a no socks look, get a second opinion from a trusted friend who will give you honest feedback. Also, try not to forgo socks if you plan to be wearing the outfit for more than a few hours. The last thing you need is to come home with shoes that stink.

The Essential Everyday Carry Gear

pexels-photo (5)

Everyday carry, or EDC, is just what it sounds like. It’s a term referring to the items you carry everyday. This can mean your cellphone, wallet, keys, pens, some people even have tools like knives and flashlights.

EDC has become a bit of a community, with tons of blogs, sites, and forums dedicated to people (mostly men) sharing pictures of their gear. Some people consider everyday carry to be just what is in your pockets, while others include their bags and the gear within as well.

What’s the point of EDC? Think of it kind of like a convenient system. You will start thinking of the items you carry around with you in terms of their necessity and utility. Maybe you used to always carry a set of keys and your phone, but now you realize that carry a small pocketknife would be useful as well. Some people will think of their EDC items in terms of disaster preparedness, their occupation, safety, wilderness. It all depends on your circumstances and needs.

Everyday carry can become a habit. Once you sit down and really think about the items you’re carrying, you will realize what you do and don’t need with you. When you start noticing times when you needed a pen, or a flashlight, you will remember and look towards getting one. Rather than just grabbing whatever is on the kitchen table as you leave for the day, you will have your essential items that you know will come in handy.

It’s also about minimalism. If you don’t carry a bag, how much can you really fit in your pockets? Maybe a phone, wallet, keys, and folding knife. You have to really think about the items you need versus the items you want, but that aren’t necessary.

Common Everyday Carry Items

There’s no all encompassing everyday carry kit, it’s up to you to create one that fits your needs and style. And once you’ve caught the EDC bug after looking at everyone else’s photos, you will start finding items you really want to carry.



Whether you still rock a flip phone or have the latest smartphone, they’re pretty indispensable these days. You could get by without carrying one, but why put yourself through that? A smartphone is a combination camera, flashlight, map, watch, and notepad. Instead of carry all those individual items you just need one phone to do all those tasks.

Let’s face it, you probably have way too many keys, reward cards, and other doodads on your keychain. It’s time to start pairing down that key collection to just the essentials. Get a nice keychain like a leather key fob. Or check out this article from Everydaycarry.com on the best keychains.

This is probably your biggest headache if you find your wallet is constantly stuffed to the brim. Think of George’s wallet in Seinfeld and how he could barely fold it closed. If that’s you, it’s time to slim down. Many of the items in your wallet are unessential. Those rewards cards you barely use, the 3 extra credit cards, the business cards. They can all stay at home, you don’t need them daily. Find a nice slim wallet for a little cash, your ID, and one or two credit cards. The Everyday Carry website has excellent reviews on wallets.


This is one of the EDC items that doesn’t need space in your pocket. A watch not only helps you tell time without needed to pull your phone out of your pocket every few minutes, they also add to your style.

It has been shown that taking notes by hand, as opposed to on the computer, helps us remember better. Carry around a tiny notebook (some just contain a few pages) to help you remember thoughts and reminders you’d like to keep fresh.

No notebook is complete without a decent pen. You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds on one, but get one you know will last and not dry up too quickly.

Multitools come in many different forms, and they’re one of the EDC communities favorite items. You can get credit card sized ones, or full on Swiss Army type tools with knives, pliers, and the works.

Your cellphone flashlight may only go so far, and it’s also bulky. There are many small, high powered flashlights that will fit in your pocket and on your keychain.

If you want a credit-card sized multitool, it probably won’t come with a knife. In this case, you’ll want a small dedicated knife. You’ll start noticing how often it comes in handy once you bring it with you.


Everyday Carry
Everyday Carry Blog

How to keep your shoes clean

Mario Bemer mathis

In honor of Mario Bemer’s recent visit to our showroom, we wanted to discuss the topic of footwear. Specifically, we want to help you keep those new Mario Bemer shoes as clean as the day you got them.

Long gone are the days of a shoe-shine on every street corner, now they seem like a luxury for the wealthy business traveler in the airport. If your shoes get scuffs or dirt marks, you could always take them to the cleaners, but why not just learn to do it yourself and save some time and money?

First off, you need the tools of the trade. These include:

  • A tin of wax
  • Shoe brush
  • Shine cloth
  • Shoe leather conditioner

Shoe polish will depend on the color of shoe you have. If you have black, get back wax, if you have brown you may want a neutral polish.

The shine cloth doesn’t need to be anything fancy, even just an old t-shirt is fine.

The shoe brush should be made of horsehair. It will be used for removing the extra polish and buffing the shoe to make it nice and shiny.

The leather conditioner can be found almost anywhere, it will be used for cleaning the leather off.

Getting Started

Before you get started, make sure you are in an area that you don’t mind getting dirty. Maybe head outside or place some newspaper around the floor.

Using the cloth, wipe the shoe clean of any dust or dirt, then apply the leather cleaner to a clean cloth and rub it on the shoe leather. Work it into the whole shoe and then set it aside for 10 minutes. After that time, use another cloth to buff it.


Now that the leather is clean, it’s time to polish. Use a small amount of wax at a time. If you use too much, it can be hard to remove. Now rub the polish around in small circles with the cloth. Take your brush and removed the excess, you can put some elbow grease into it, it will not ruin the shoes. Lastly, take a clean cloth and run it along the toe of the shoe in a fast motion (like you’ve seen in the movies) and on the heal.

Here is a video to help you see the process in action.



The Best Christmas Presents for Men

As a guy, we know just what we want for Christmas, and usually we will let others know what we want. But sometimes you have that friend and they don’t even know what they want, or just say “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything” which is code for “You should get me something”.

So what do you get for that guy who won’t drop any hints? Don’t go trudging through the store aisles or pop into every place at the mall, browsing until you find that perfect thing (does that strategy ever work anyways?). Instead, we’re going to list the best products that any guy would be happy to receive as a gift this Christmas season. Let’s get into it!

kimono winston

Komono Winston Watch
These are sleek, minimal, and come in tons of colors and designs.


It may look simple, but you shouldn’t need a huge machine to make great coffee. This little baby will make the best cup you’ve ever had.

Trunk Club Gift Card
Varying prices
Do you have that friend who seems to always wear the same thing? Get him a Trunk Club gift card to level up his wardrobe.


Harry’s Winston Chrome Set
Set up your boyfriend or best bro with the best grooming kit out there.

shot glasse

Shot Glasses & Carrying Case
If you guys love camping as much as you love drinking, you need to get these.

knife kit

Scrimshaw Knife Kit
With this kit, you can etch into this knife, creating a unique pocketknife all your own.

gin kit

Homemade Gin Kit
Everyone has that friend who keeps talking about wanting to make their own alcohol or homebrew some beer. Get him this kit and see what comes out of it.

tablet case

Mod Tablet 2 Mini- Executive
This stylish tablet case is for the businessman, or the guy who pretends to be one but is just an intern.

carry on cocktail

Carry On Cocktail- Old Fashioned
You know, for those long flights where you can’t go without a stiff drink.

skin care kit

Traveler’s Skin Care Kit
Now there’s no excuse not to have awesome skin.

the stash notebook

The Stash Notebook 5.5” x 9”
For those guys who want a notebook that makes people go “woah”.

All About Cufflinks

Yeah, this blog is going to be all about cufflinks…why? Because cufflinks are a perfect accessory to style a professional suit. You can choose a stylish tie to show off your fun side, but sometimes ties can be quite loud, or may not go quite right with a work outfit. Cufflinks are just awesome! You can show off your interests, your sports team allegiance, add a bit of style to your toned down suit. Cufflinks are really versatile, let’s see how you can up your suit style game.

Knife Cufflinks $59.99

pocketknife cufflinks

Upcycled Winchester Bullet Cufflinks $35

bullet cufflinks

Ship in a Bottle Cufflinks $450


Lion Cufflinks $35

lion head cufflinks

Cufflinks at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers

Amethyst stalactite slice & Sterling, Trancas mine geode & Sterling, Brazilian conchinas & Sterling in the front

Amethyst stalactite slice & Sterling, Trancas mine geode & Sterling, Brazilian conchinas & Sterling in the front

Crushed lapis and brass Buddhas knot...lapis goldfish & Sterling

Crushed lapis and brass Buddhas knot…lapis goldfish & Sterling

Madagascar ammonite & Sterling, Tigers eye laughing Buddha & Sterling, obsidian skull & Sterling

Madagascar ammonite & Sterling, Tigers eye laughing Buddha & Sterling, obsidian skull & Sterling

The Guide to Cufflinks Infographic
Real Men Real Style


Get Creative with your Ties

It’s time to stop wearing boring ties! There are too many creative ties and bow ties out there that you don’t need to stick the the same old red, blue, or black tie you got from your kid for Father’s Day (c’mon we know you have a few of those). Stock up on these creative ties and you’ll be the talk of the office.

bowtie feather

Feather Bow Ties
Alright, disclaimer alert, these are bow ties we just got into the showroom. And  we couldn’t wait to show them off! Just look at these babies. Who doesn’t want a feather bow tie?

From odditymall.com

Wooden Bow Ties
I am a Shark Tank addict (the tv show about small businesses getting investments) and a company pitched their wooden bow tie company. You’ll really be making heads turn wearing one of these.

Social Primer bow tie

American Flag Bow Tie

Let your flag fly…on your neck! It’s the perfect way to show your patriotism.


DIY Paper Bow Tie
On the cheap? Good with your hands? Make your own paper bow tie! Especially suited for those in the creative industry.


Creative Printed Neckties

Pick a unique print for your tie to show off what you love. Maybe it’s bikes, maybe it’s bees!