FALL Men’s Style Guide Infographic

It’s that time of year again! The cool (kinda), crisp breeze has replaced the humid summer air, football stadiums are filled with cheering fans, and the leaves outside are beginning to change colors (at least for our friends up north). While those of us in Southwest Florida don’t get the full fall effect, we can at least take on many of the fall fashions. This infographic by Famous Outfits encourages men to choose texture-rich clothing with an earth toned palette that can be easily layered for warmth.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Joseph Wendt

jwednt-2112Dad’s can be hard to shop for. The scramble for a good men’s gift around Father’s Day can often leave a gift giver stumped, and a gift receiver disappointed. At Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we can advise on any and all gift-buying dilemmas! Joseph Wendt has one-of-a-kind men’s clothing and accessories. From wine glasses to clothing, belts, shoes, cufflinks and ties, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers can dress you dad from head to toe.

Business Suits: Choose from a variety of solid colors, subtle patterns, elegant pinstripes, flawless details and classic designs for your day and evening business attire. Every garment is customized to each gentleman’s needs, using only the finest fabrics that are meticulously tailored. Each suit is double stitched with quality detailing. Add a custom tailored shirt, shoes and tie to complete your look. Let Joseph help you build a power suit that will create confidence and poise each time you walk into that key business meeting or important company function. Image

Sport Coats: When it comes to business and attire for more casual settings, no one understands the subtleties of sport coat styles better than Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers. We pride ourselves in providing the discerning gentleman with a perfectly fitted jacket made of the most luxurious fabrics. We want you to show up looking and feeling your best, no matter where you’re headed, so we’ve broken down sport coats into three distinct categories to help you fine-tune your look.

Dress Business: This smart, professional look is for the gentleman wishing to attend his social events looking clean cut and pulled together when a full suit is not required. The detailing on each coat is unique and the end product embodies effortless style.

Dress Casual: Pair this sport coat with a more laid back pant design for the perfect combination of casual and trendy. Approach your schedule with a relaxed and classy appearance that will have you feeling confident and comfortable all day long.

Dress Social: Attend dinners, company events and social gatherings with complete confidence in a suit that is uniquely tailored, yet not overly formal. We add just the right amount of personal detail and design to help you stand out, while at the same time maintaining a polished and self-confident appearance.

Sportswear: For the ultimate in relaxation, comfort and casual sophistication, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers offers an array of fashions including sport vests, jeans and golf shirts.

shoes_500px_05Shoes: Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers is proud to offer Fratelli Rosetti and Michael Toschi shoes, the highest quality Italian footwear that are the epitome of comfort and style. These luxurious shoes are made from the finest hides hand crafted by skilled artisans. Joseph’s offers both classic and casual styles.

Ties and Accessories: Add a splash of color and style with Joseph Wendt exclusive line of Italian ties by Tino Cosma. Each tie is a work of art meticulously designed in bold or subtle patterns. Joseph Wendt also carries a wide selection of belts, wallets, cufflinks and pocket squares. Image

Glassware: If the wine matters, so does the glass. It’s that simple. Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers sells a beautiful line of wine glasses from Bottega del Vino Crystal not available through mass merchants. Each crystal glass is handmade. Tasting after tasting, test after test, time after time, wine enthusiasts are made by the difference the glass makes. Inspired by a life in wine and created by Severino Barzan, Bottega del Vino Crystal wine glasses are first and foremost, wine-driven in design and creation. Each piece in painstakingly mouth blown and hand finished to the highest of world standards for balance, weight, shape and the tactile pleasure of holding the stem and drinking from it. Each piece features a superbly crafted bowl with single pull stem for the best possible feel in hand and mouth. Image

Custom Golf and Hunting Wear: Look stylish whether you’re golfing or hunting with a custom sports wardrobe created by Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers. Joseph can create a look from head to toe that is classic and functional no matter which sport you choose to enjoy.


This Memorial Day, Travel in Style & Comfort


First of all, where did May go? I can’t believe I’m writing about Memorial Day Weekend? Soon enough it will be July 4th and then the kids will be back in school! If you’re like me, you’re getting ready to pack for a long weekend. We recently started caring a wonderful women’s travel line, Anatomie. If you haven’t tried it out, you must stop in the store. Women are raving about the line. It’s comfortable, wrinkle-free and stylish. You can’t go wrong there.

Plus, Anatomie offers the perfect clothes for the plane and your entire trip. The line isn’t too fancy, but it keeps a sense of style that you need anytime you travel.

Here are some tips from Anatomie’s Fashion Blog to get you to your destination in style:

Comfort Tip #1: Travel in Layers! travel clothes for women

Traveling in layers gives you options and when your closet is at home. The more options you have the happier you will be. Plus, you’re most likely traveling between two different climates, and who knows if you’re going to be stuck on a plane with no AC or freezing air blowing at you. Good comfortable travel clothes that you can use for layering include: a washable cotton scarf, cardigan, sweatshirts, light vests, and light jackets. Plus, the more layers you have on your body, the less you’ll have to pack in your suitcase!

Comfort Tip #2: Choose the Right Fabrics 

When it comes to choosing comfortable travel clothes, breathable materials made from natural fibers are best. You want to pick clothes that are wrinkle-free, quick drying and offer a little stretch. comfortable travel clothing marie tee

Comfort Tip #3: Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals!

It is highly recommended that you choose a neutral color scheme, and specifically darker shades. Colors like black, navy and grey usually tend to be more flattering than other colors, and they also offer more forgiveness when it comes to unwanted dirt and accidental spills.

Comfort Tip #4: Pick the Perfect Travel Jacket

Picking the right jacket for travel is essential. A comfortable travel jacket is usually one that is in a dark shade, which makes it easy to mix and match with many outfits.



The 125th Anniversary of the Tuxedo, or Is It?

How many people, do you think, know that the Fall of 2011 marked the 125th anniversary of the tuxedo? Furthermore, how many people know that part of the history of the tuxedo is linked back to an area only 40 miles outside of Manhattan?  We think it’s safe to say this would be news to many readers across the world, but it’s true.  However, there’s more to the story than meets the eye, and unfortunately, even after 125 years, the exact origins of the tuxedo remain unconfirmed.  The story behind it all is quite intriguing.  Here are tidbits and facts that help account for the origin and first appearance of this avant-garde dress coat.  We’ll let you be the judge as to who should be the one credited for this amazing and timeless addition to men’s formalwear.

-It is said that in 1886, a “tailless dress coat” was first introduced into American society.  However, a pattern for this coat is found in the archives of the family run bespoke business, Henry Poole & Co, located in London, England.  The relic precedes the American appearance of the tuxedo, dating back to 1865.

-The tuxedo seems to implicitly be a combination of the long-tailed dress coat and shorter lounge jackets popular in the period, probably to allow for dressing for formal occasions while retaining the greater comfort of the shorter jacket.

-Prince Edward VII, future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, is believed to be the first to have ordered this glorified formal jacket from Henry Poole & Co. in 1865.  The Prince, in turn, encouraged an American, Mr. James Brown Potter, to order one himself upon visiting him in Wales in 1886.  Potter did just that, and began to regularly wear the jacket to events at a new, exclusive country club in the then remote Orange County of New York.  The country club’s name?  Tuxedo Park.

-The tuxedo’s true coming out party occurred not long after, when Potter and his Tuxedo Park friends wore them one evening to a bachelor’s dinner at the famed Delmonico’s restaurant in Lower Manhattan, the only public dining restaurant in New York at the time.  The other patrons paid attention, and a legend was born, taking the name of the country club where it first found popularity.

-According to some advertisements dated back to the early 1900s, a tuxedo jacket AND a coordinating vest was a whopping $22.50!  What a steal!

-Traditional formalwear for men in the 19th century was a black tailcoat, paired with a white dress shirt and bow tie.  When the tailless tuxedo jacket made its debut, it was considered taboo and frowned upon for wearing to formal events.  The tux did not gain true acceptance among bluebloods until it was adopted in the 1920s by the dashing, young Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VIII.

-The colloquial phrase “black tie” actually comes from the summer versions of the tux that became popular in the 1930s, which caused the distinguishing of the tux from the more traditional long coat more obvious.  Long coats are worn with white bow ties, while tuxes were always worn with black.

-The tuxedo made its way out of the upper echelons and into the middle class in the 1950s.  Since then, it’s become a common sight at everything from dinners for foreign Heads of State at the White House to high school proms in rural Alabama and everything in-between.

Whether it’s 165 years or 125 years, we think it’s safe to say that the addition of the tuxedo into Western menswear is one of the greatest occurrences in fashion history.  The little details and overall style of the jacket have evolved over time, but it can still be said today that every man should have one hanging in his closet for the right time.

Here are a few of our own personal favorites.  We’re probably a little biased!

Winter is Coming, Are You Ready?

Chilly days lie ahead, which got us to thinking.  Do you have your 100% cashmere?  Your Khan cashmere?  Your sherry tweed, your luxury wool, your Australian fine merinos?  Your car coats, sports jackets and that fantastic three-piece suit with ticket pocket?  Are they already hanging in your closet, shipped to you and now ready, waiting to be worn, to be in this Winter season?  For those of us used to custom clothes, we know how warm and comfortable these clothes are, and how anxious and excited we are about the temperature finally dropping, so that the time has finally come ’round that we can wear our masterpiece cold weather garments again. Of course we’re excited!  Usually, the only thing that comes with that drop on the thermostat is freezing rain and pounding snow.  Bummer!  But why wallow in it?  So the days are shorter and the nights are colder.  But the clothes are fantastic.

Be aware!  Slippery when wet/snowy road ahead.  One must wonder how we keep our attire fashionably uncompromising (which is to say, not landing three blocks ahead after slipping on the sidewalk while wearing those nice laced up shoes on a rainy day) or looking highly inappropriate by pairing your trendy outfit with some horrid, rubbery piece (no exceptions, rubber shoes are for kindergarteners).  Not to worry though, we’ve got your back.  We all struggle to look stylish on weather-challenged days, but here is how to do it on your feet with class and ease.

Wear water-resistant shoes, and really nice ones, too!  They come in all styles, from boots to loafers, leather or suede.  They might be a bit more chunky than your regular shoes, but that’s the type of shoes that go well with those winter-weight suits anyway.

So the next time it rains, go ahead and look sharp in your nice suit, and put on your nice shoes, too.  No worries if they get a bit wet!  These babies are not just really stylish, they are built to play rough and make the most rugged of sites accessible while still making your feet look and feel fabulous.

Some of our top picks…

Available at: Fratelli Rossetti, 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 888-5107 (Find them on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/FratelliRossetti)


Custom Cashmere Direct From the Factory Floor

A special treat for everyone today, an advance look at amazing new cashmere coats that just arrived from our factory.  On the left, a navy 100% cashmere car coat, great for all of those chilly days ahead of us.  On the right, a stand out crimson red 100% cashmere blazer, exclusively made for a very good, long standing client of ours: Nick Saban, coach of the University of Alabama!

Would you like to be able to open your closet this fall and see something like these two beauties staring back at you?  Let us know, we can make it happen!