Don’t Clash or Crash: Cycling to Work in Style


Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning and groggily making your way to work is enough energy for your morning routine. However, a new craze has come along! Biking to work is now becoming increasingly more popular. People have always biked to work, whether its your environmentally conscious friends or your freakishly fit acquaintances, and others just like to avoid the rush of traffic in the morning hours. For whatever reason you bike to work, there has always been one complaint, “I always have to change my clothes after.” This age old problem has kept people from slipping on their spandex and packing their work clothes for the day.

With the popularity of biking to work at an all time high, a new industry has been created. Suits designed to bike to work and take meetings in. Companies like Parker Dusseau have developed a suit you can bike to work in using Marino Wool-Spandex Blend, a stretchy material. The crtoch has a diamond design instead of a four way seam, providing flexibility and comfort.

Although these suits are pricey, $495 for the jacket and $295 for the pants, it still provides a gateway to new designs and new ways to get into this niche market. So, next time you think about grabbing your bike rather than your keys, don’t hesitate!

Why Custom?

Custom tailoring is almost a lost art, but there’s nothing like having a suit designed to your exact specifications and body or wowing other gala goers with a one-of-a-kind suit no other man in the ballroom

Image — let alone the world — could be wearing.

I have earned a loyal following among business leaders, executives and major NFL players whose sheer size can create additional measurement challenges. All of them realize the benefits of having their clothes custom-made.

So why custom? Naples is a small town and you don’t want to run into anyone else with the same suit, which is why I only make one suit with each fabric. If you buy a Joseph Wendt custom suit, you won’t see it on anyone else!

I think a lot of men don’t realize the tremendous power of dressing well and being unique. It’s an absolute advantage when you utilize it. I have always said, clothing is psychology. It’s a visual psychology versus a verbal psychology, but it’s totally psychology.

Plus, fit is so important, and it’s hard to get that with a department store suit. It’s so difficult to get that perfect fit with a suit you buy off the rack. That’s another reason, custom is key. I understand that young guys just starting out need a bunch of suits and maybe have to go to Men’s Wearhouse or a department store. If you do have to buy off the rack, make sure you spend time to have it properly tailored.

Joseph Wendt Custom Clothier now offers tailoring services at our Fifth Avenue South store. Tailoring services are available during business hours to assist customers with altering suits and dress shirts, resizing and hemming pants, re-lining jackets or pants, special occasion dresses and more. Customers are asked to call ahead for an appointment, but walk-ins will be accepted. Call (239) 530-0070 to make a reservation, or visit our Fifth Avenue South store, located in Downtown Naples, Florida.

Help Wanted!

We interrupt your regular blog for an important announcement: Joseph’s is hiring!  We need to fill a pair of positions at our Naples showroom ASAP, so we’re putting out an SOS!  Check out the following job descriptions, and if you or someone you know would like to work with us, send us an email at with your resume and cover letter enclosed telling us why you’d be great for the job.  And remember: we are an equal opportunity employer!

We are seeking a friendly, highly motivated retail sales person to meet and greet clients as well as assisting the owner with some light office work in our newly located Naples Showroom.

We are also seeking a sales person to specialize in direct sales and measuring, also at our Naples showroom.

You must be available a minimum of 25 hours per week, currently live in Southwest Florida, and be legally allowed to work in the United States.  Retail and computer experience are a must.  Compensation is negotiable.

Would you like this to be your office?

One for the Men

Once again, we’re going to take a moment to point out a special appearance by Joey…

one for the menJoseph’s is in Life in Naples‘ latest issue, on newsstands in Southwest Florida right now!  If you don’t live in an area where you can see it for yourself, check out the online version right here.  And be sure to keep a look out for us in future news stories in Southwest Florida and Long Island!  Our pals at MARKIT Group are always doing their best to get us the best media coverage!

We’ve Relocated to New Digs!

It’s worth mentioning here, since it’s the only place we haven’t mentioned it yet, that we’ve relocated our Naples showroom!

moving (2)As it says in the poster, all of our other information, from our phone number to our email address, stays the same.  And our location in Huntington, NY also isn’t budging, don’t worry!

While we’re on the subject of change, we’ve also come up with a new logo and a new name: Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers!  Let us know what you think as we open this exciting new period in our company history…

josephs new logo

Joseph’s in the News

Father’s Day may be over, but we’re still proud of what we managed to do for the special day.  For the second year in a row, we donated portions of all the money we made on ties and shirts sold in the week leading up to Father’s Day to charity!  And we got in the news in the process.  Check out the link from The News-Press below, and take a look at a print version from The Naples Daily News below that.  Thanks to everyone that participated!