Gifts For Her

Recently, one of our clothiers was asked by her boyfriend what she might like as a gift for this holiday season.  Now, we know that men and women are different and think differently, but this should never be rocket science.  Men can get really deep and creative about what to gift her, especially with Christmas around the corner.  But the “classics” any woman will appreciate are always there.  Don’t over-think it!

Designer handbags or wallets, cashmere gloves or scarves and designer shoes are just some of the amazing gifts that any girl will love. One of our favorites (and definitely that of some women out there), is Christian Louboutin shoes…  Want to earn some bonus points for next year?  Louboutin himself comes to Bergdorf Goodman in New York a number of times per year.  Track him down when he’s there so he can autograph those beautiful red soles for her.

Don’t want to go the designer route?  Women also love high-tech stuff.  Perhaps not as much as men do across the board, but there are ways to make those gadgets “Hers,” too.  You can make an iPad really special by engraving it with something personal.  Check out their engraving gallery to spur some cool ideas.

Are these ideas still not for your girl?  There’s always spa treatments.  There isn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t like a day of pampering!  You can even go a step further and buy a couples massage.

A beautiful gift and quality time with your significant other.  She’ll love it!  Plus, an added bonus for yourself!  We’ve also heard of a vitaming personalized IV…  That’s a unique gift,
to put it mildly!  Or get really fancy and find out about the latest facial oxygen booth, or some such.

Of course, if these gifts are not in your holiday budget, one cannot go wrong with a thoughtful gift from the heart.  Try framing one of your favorite pictures of the two of you together, or plan a “surprise” excursion for just the two of you.  What woman would not enjoy a planned romantic picnic in Central Park?  Or you can always have her open an array of small gifts.  Chocolates, jewelry and even lingerie are always fun to unwrap!

So, whether that special woman in your life is the type to swoon over a new pair of shoes or the sort to gush over a poem written by the man she loves, or maybe even the kind of lady who will whip out their Cheesehead or Terrible Towel and watch the game with you, the one thing we will always recommend is to NEVER ask her what she wants.  The element of surprise and the idea that you’ve already thought out what to give her based on all the things you’ve shared together makes the gift, whether lavish or not, that much more special.  Simple math!