What to Look Out for When Purchasing a Watch

asset-version-571379e3a6-montbrillantThere are many different forms of jewelry for women: bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings. For men, the one classic piece of jewelry is the watch. The watch has been losing popularity as many people don’t see a reason to wear something that just tells time. There are now “smart” watches which can connect to your phone, show messages, take photos, and more. The Apple iWatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Pebble Watch, are just a few of the many new wearable devices. These smart watches are still very bulky, big, and not fashion forward.
A watch is a great accessory for any outfit. When going out to purchase a watch you may hear some of the terms below. Be sure to read up on them so you know exactly what you watch will suit your style.
Quartz refers to how the watch is regulated. The quartz crystal regulates the movement which is powered by a battery. Watches with quartz are more accurate than other types.
Self-Winding refers to a type of mechanical watch which is wound by the movements of the wearer. The motion generated provides enough energy to run the watch. This is opposed to manual-winding, another type of mechanical watch, in which the wearer must wind the watch to provide energy.
Many watches tout their water-resistant capabilities. But this doesn’t mean you should go right ahead and swim or shower with it. It is generally safe to do this if the watch is resistant up to one hundred meters.
This refers to any function on a watch other than time. These are items like a calendar or stopwatch.
Gold-Plated refers to the layer of gold that is placed on the metal of the watch. It can rub off though, so handle it with care. They can be had for as little as $100.
Rose Gold
This refers a gold mixed with copper to create a pink effect.
White Gold
This gold is created from yellow gold mixed with nickel or palladium to make a white color. These watches tend to be 18 karats.
The ring that surrounds the watch face.
A button on the outside of the case that can be used to wind the mainspring, in a mechanical watch, or to set the time or calendar.
Another name for the watch face.