How to pick the right groomsmen suits

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Weddings are full of so many decisions. What do we eat? What if someone is vegan? What color are the table clothes? Should we have table clothes? Do we need dessert? Chocolate or vanilla?

Before you start deciding on your suit, you need to think about what your groomsmen will wear, and even what the bridesmaids are wearing. It is becoming quite common to see similar colors used between both parties. If you and your fiancee are fans of this look, you will have to think long and hard about what you want your wedding party wearing.

Rent or Buy?

This is a big debate, and can even be a deal breaker for some members of your wedding party. Having to spend $500 on your own suit may be fine for you, as you are the one getting married. But having your groomsmen spend a few hundred to purchase matching outfits they may never wear again is a big deal.

You should discuss the options with them first to make sure they are all on board. It would be a disaster to have picked out the perfect custom suits only to have a member of the party tell you they can’t afford or don’t want to spend on it.

Decide on this first before you go choosing anything specific. This will help you narrow down what suits you can realistically pick out.

Color Combinations

If you’re planning to have groomsmen and bridesmaids match, you don’t need to go crazy with it. If they are wearing blue dresses, try to incorporate blue ties into your suits. You don’t need to be matching exactly, just make it appear that they are coordinated.

Here are a few sites with color ideas for your groomsmen:

25 Groomsmen Attire Ideas

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Casual Groomsmen Attire | Pinterest

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t wait until the last minute to do this! Yes, there are tons of decisions you need to make for the wedding. But it’s best to plan it way out in advance to avoid the stress and headache of something not going right.

Make sure you get your party fitted early on and that the suits really do fit. You don’t want  to end up having your groomsmen come out with ill-fitting suits.

Don’t forget the shoes. You spend so much time thinking about blazers, suspenders, shirts, ties, bow ties, that you may neglect to think about the shoes you will be wearing to bring everything together.

Make sure you are dressing for the location as well. If you’re having a destination wedding in Hawaii, it may be best to wear lighter colors and fabrics. If you are going for an extra formal look and have a fancy location booked, you will want to have suits that match the venue. If you and your groomsmen are younger and fit into the “hipster” crowd, suspenders are a big trend you may want to consider.


Now we can’t tell you exactly what suits to get. You’ll have to go over that with your groomsmen and your partner. We hope this blog has been useful in some way to give you at least somewhat of an idea of how you want your wedding party to look.

Great Gifts for Groomsmen

If you plan to get married, you’ll need a new suit. Apart from that, your groomsmen will need suits as well! It’s important not to forget about them, as most times you will notice the groom and groomsmen matching. Once you pick your style and color, all you need is for each guy to get fitted for the big day.

Now that each groomsman is dressed to the nines, you’ll want to give him a little something for coming out and being part of your wedding. Gifts for groomsmen can be as simple as a gift card or elaborate like a custom cigar case. It’s important to figure out what they all will like and use. We’ve got some ideas if you’re stuck in a rut, or are too busy trying to figure out where to seat your family members during the rehearsal dinner.

Groomsmen Gifts

Tie Clip
Not every guy has a nice tie clip. Get these custom engraved with their initials to make it extra special.

Whiskey Stones-

Money Clip
Everyone has money! A custom money clip for each groomsmen is a special gift they can use daily.

Shaving Kit
If your friends are bearded, or enjoy the art of shaving, you’ll want to get them a nice shaving kit. It should include the razor, brush, and soap.

If all your buddies enjoy the finer liquors and spirits, get them a custom flask with their name on it.

Even if your friends aren’t outdoorsmen, no guy can resist a shiny blade with their initials on it.

Poker Set
This is a fun gift that the guys can use and play together, and take home to use with their own friends and family. Don’t be surprised if you start having weekly poker nights!

Personalized Cufflinks
Not everyone wants to go out and spend hard cash on cufflinks. They’re a great gift that the guys can wear on the wedding day. Get a unique cufflink for each. Maybe a gear cufflink for the automotive junkie, and a football helmet for your fantasy football buddy.

Whiskey Stones
If you know the guys like to down a few drinks after work, grab them some whiskey stones. These stones will keep your spirit chilled to the perfect temperature without diluting them.

Beer Soap Set
This is a unique gift for the beer connoisseur in the group. It’s a pack of 6 beer soaps of different scents like chocolate stout.

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

You have decided to pop the question (such a strange phrase, isn’t it?). Now you already have the location picked, maybe you’re not sure what you’ll say just yet but you have some time, what are you forgetting? If your future husband or wife is hoping for a traditional wedding, they’re going to expect a shiny new ring to accompany your big question.

This is such a tough decision. Not only are rings expensive, there are also so many of them. You check out dozens of designs and somehow they all look nearly the same. You can’t ask your significant other, that would spoil the surprise! You could always get them a loaner ring, then have them pick out their favorite after you ask for their hand, but not many people opt for this. You need to make a decision!

We’ve may not have the exact answer you’re hoping for, nobody can pick the right ring for you. But we do have a few helpful resources to get you on your way to a happy wedding and marriage.

How to find the ring size
This is something many people can overlook. You focus on searching for the perfect stone, setting, and design, but forget to size the ring! This infographic can help you find sneaky ways to find out your future spouse’s ring size.

The Practical side of picking a ring

Source: Brilliance

If you’re hesitating and wondering why you need a ring

Source: Shane Co

‘Tis the Season for Weddings: What you need to know to look your best

weddingsThe summertime doesn’t just welcome warm climate, beautiful scenery and relaxing times. It also welcomes the start of wedding season. Summer weddings are gorgeous and heart warming. Unfortunately, your heart isn’t the only thing getting warm. Summer weddings are notoriously hot and can make any guest uncomfortable, especially the men. Men have always been expected to wear penguin suits on formal occasions such as, weddings. However, at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we have the right tips for every man as they suit up for a lively night of celebrating.

Here are some of the tips and guidelines to follow when attending a summer wedding. Keep in mind though, this isn’t your day so don’t be to over the top to where you over throw the bride and groom. Be comfortable and stylish with your outfit and enjoy it!


The suit is the most important part of any mans ensemble. Nowadays, men aren’t expected to wear heavy, black tuxedos to any wedding. Our most important rule is to have fun with what you’re wearing. Wear a khaki suit or patterned jacket. As long, as the dress shirt matches and your confidence shows in what you’re wearing, GO FOR IT. Look for a slim, nice fitting suit or jacket when browsing for outfits. With the warm temperatures, stick to linens or cottons to avoid the embarrassing sweat marks at the reception.


This is usually the detail of the outfit that men get most creative with. We agree that getting creative with a tie can brighten up any old suit. It also lets others see what your personality is really like if you get quirky with these details. Always go for a windsor knot, whether you do a half or full windsor depends on your head size. If you have a bigger head, go for a full windsor, and if you have a smaller head go for a half windsor.


Get a white buck skin shoe. TheY go with everything and they add a point of interest to any look. They may get dirty depending on if its an outdoor occasion or not but you will look better with it anyway.


Its the summertime so that means you should go for more relaxed colors, like a light pink or lavender. Depending on how crazy you are planning on going with the suit jacket and tie maybe go for a light gray. Either way, a nice light lavender or pink can add a pop of color to any outfit, especially if you’re not planning on going over the top.

Weddings 201: Here Comes the Groom…

You’ve found something shiny and presented it to her in the most amazing way possible.  With your heart out and the highest hopes for eternal happiness, you asked her to marry you and she said…  “Yes!”  Well, Congratulations!  That said, we’re sorry, but you have one more bit of homework to do (doing your part of the chores around the house/apartment from the moment you say “I do” doesn’t count as homework anymore, it’s being married).  This last bit will be to find an outstanding wedding garb for yourself.

We call it “homework” because in order to succeed you must study very carefully some important aspects of the wedding.  Is it formal?  Beachy?  Casual?  Are you and your bride contemporary or more traditional?  What is the wedding’s color scheme?  Is it sultry, sexy, mysterious, romantic?  Your wedding day wardrobe should blend seamlessly with all of those pre-existing factors.  But we’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that unlike some ladies that have been planning this joyous event since their childhood, most gentlemen are unacquainted about the whole wedding fuss, and are, from our perspective, the ones who need the most help as far as making the right wardrobe decision.  But they’re often the ones who get the least help.

Pictured: no help.

We are positive that she is willing to help with all the arrangements for you to look fabulous, but at the risk of stating the obvious, she is, and will be until the last minute of the wedding day, so very, very busy.  Since you are such an incredible man (right?), you are going to free her from yet another wedding task (RIGHT??), so that she can decide other things, like Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier, Manolos or Loubotins, organza or silk taffeta, or perhaps what the bridesmaids will be wearing.

No. Guess again.

Here we will provide you with a cheat sheet of what this one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime (hopefully!) ensemble must have.  The most important part is that this outstanding wedding garb most likely won’t be found at first sight.  The one that will compliment her astonishing dress, the one that make you look amazing standing there waiting for her at the altar.  You and your fiancée have waited a lifetime for this day, so this masterpiece must be created.

A designer wedding gown can cost up to $18,000.  We are not implying your tux or suit should be just as expensive (well, unless you really want it to be), but it undoubtedly must be of the same quality.  It is in a custom wardrobe that you receive that quality and value (100% Super 210s wool sounds about right), and, needless to say, a perfect fit, color trim and so forth, the key pieces of your one-of-a-kind wedding garb.

The essentials of a perfect suit or tuxedo:

Number one is fit.  If the suit fits, then it will look good.  Next is fabrication.  Finally, accessories.  As far as style, three-piece tuxedos are definitely in style.  They always are, but seem to be predominantly in style right now.  Wear a necktie with your tuxedo for a young, modern look.  A classic, formal look always is the standard, with a white shirt and a white bow tie.  Not every wedding is formal, but never wear a tuxedo with a colored tie!

...Well, if you're this adorable, maybe you can get away with it.

The best style is to stay a little more classic, but to have a unique cloth.  There should be a tone-on-tone pattern that has luster and a little depth; something that is striking.  You will probably be the only one in a tuxedo, but with beautiful detailing, like a white shirt and white tie, or a unique fabric, or a vest that matches the jacket, and most definitely through the use of accessories and materials, you will ultimately stand out.

Shoes are another amazing but subtle way to stand out.  Beautiful, high-gloss, leather lace-ups are always perfect.  And for something a little more stylish and unique, a custom shoe in leather with some detailing.

Just remember, you are not alone.  It will be our pleasure to serve you on this joyous event.  Let the architect of style create your wedding day masterpiece!

Weddings 102: So, You Got Something Shiny?

If your idea of presenting the ring and asking her to marry you on bended knee is all you’ve got, please read on.  If you need inspiration or some cool tips, also please read on!

We understand that you’ve been running around town trying to get “The Ring,” but you have to understand that things have changed dramatically, and weddings nowadays are sometimes over the top…

No comment…

So the shiny thing in the box, why not present it in true romantic fashion?  Here’s some good ideas on how:

Great engagements don’t have to be expensive, they have to be creative.  It’s in the details that a generic proposal becomes amazing.  So, that said, let’s start with one of the most important parts of the proposal.  And that is the surprise factor.  The biggest secret ever needs to be kept a secret, and for that to happen, it’s best if you keep things to yourself!  The more people you talk to about the proposal, the higher the chances are something will slip.  Everyone should be on a “need to know” basis.

The duct tape is probably overkill.

To spark your imagination, we pulled out a proposal we found and like so much, because this brother really did his homework.  Find what it is that brings the two of you together, something that reflects you as a couple and is unique to the both of you.  Be creative, have fun and think outside of the box.  This is your time to shine!  Well, at least until she opens the box!

“…Tanvi and Danny met on New Year’s Eve a few years ago while she was traveling, and she extended her trip a few extra days to spend time with Danny.  After a long-distance relationship between New York City and Miami, Danny told Tanvi to meet him at a hotel because his parents were coming to town.  But as she entered the suite, instead of seeing his family, she saw an acoustic guitar playing their song, ‘You are My Sunshine.’  Danny had also prepared a runner inscribed with the phrase, ‘to a lifetime of adventures together,’ leading to a world map, a collection of vintage trunks, antique globes, and paper airplanes with memories of their travels written in calligraphy, and vintage prints of their travel photos.  Danny proposed, and Tanvi said ‘yes.’  At dinner, their place settings had printed cards: ‘Tanvi’s Future Groom’ and ‘Dan’s Future Bride.’  At their suite at the end of the night, the room was covered with rose petals and with a final surprise: an engraved compass and leather-bound journal that read, ‘to a lifetime of adventures together’.”

The end!

Do we really need to say more on this one?  Just make sure it’s representative of your relationship, and of the two of you.  After all, leather bound adventure journals don’t make much sense if you’re a pair of homebodies!

And here are good ideas on when:

The day that you decide to pop the question will be one of the most memorable of your life.  This is why many men decide to choose a special day for their proposal.  But which are the best days, and which ones should you avoid?

You will be surprised to hear that Valentine’s Day is not the best day for a marriage proposal.  Great!  Just when you thought you have this girl thing figured out.  “Isn’t Valentine’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year?  How can it not be the perfect day to ask my girlfriend to marry me?”  The biggest reason not to propose on Valentine’s Day is that it is clichéd.

Extra points if you get the ring inside a chocolate teddy bear that plays “I Will Always Love You” when she bites into it.

Remember, we told you to think outside the box.  She is special, and so should be the day you propose to her.

Another common day, at least in a guy’s mind, is to propose on her birthday.  Way better than Valentine’s and definitely more significant, just remember to do something for her birthday, too.  After seeing the ring and her delirium of joy has wore out a bit, she will be looking for her birthday gift or cake.  In fact, the ring could be her birthday cake topper.  Mmm!

Christmas is another big day for marriage proposals.  After all, it is the season of giving, and for some reason, everyone is in a great mood.  It presents unlimited amazing ways to present her the engagement ring or ask the question.  Electronics as presents are great allies.  We know of someone who gave his girlfriend an iPad for Christmas.  When she turned it on, he had uploaded a picture of a church where he wanted to marry her.

New Year’s Eve is another holiday that many men choose to pop the question.  There is a lot in favor of a proposal on this day.  So festive and celebratory!  Also, if you ask your girlfriend to marry you on New Year’s Eve, it will be the perfect start to the New Year.

Remember, any day will be special as long as you do your homework and propose to her in the most unique, thoughtful, loving way possible.

This is real.  A guy actually asked a video game company to program a wedding proposal (by way of a sarcastic robot) into his copy of a game that he played with his girlfriend.  THAT is creative!

For added points…  Proposing to her on the anniversary of your first kiss or first time you said “I love you,” if you remember it.

Whichever day you decide on, make sure you document it: smartphones, flipcams, whatever it takes.  You’ll be glad you did, and so will she.

Weddings 101: The Ring

Once upon a time…  Scratch that, it goes more like “once upon a diamond.”  So you finally decided to “pop the question” and start your intoxicatingly sweet life together and live happily ever after?  Hmm, quite nice, but before you get on your knees, you know you have to get that little box, and that little box must be filled with something pricey-  Shiny!  We mean shiny.  …Okay, both.

And if mysterious, glowing writing appears on it, put it back in the box and back away slowly!

The modern Western practice of giving or exchanging engagement rings is thought to have begun in 1477, when Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as an present for their engagement.

Buying a diamond can be overwhelming sometimes.  Especially if this particular one is for the hope of eternal happiness.  Needless to say, you must find “The One.”  And while both of your tastes and personalities and your budgets (if any) will play a big role, knowing what you are paying for is a MUST.

That said, we want to give you a little Diamonds 101 and a must/must not guide to making a great, mind blowing, one of a kind, sweep-her-off-her-feet proposal.  And remember, this is a guide.  You, my friend, from now on are on a 007 secret mission (be aware of your allies or the cousin that talks too much and will spill the beans).  And, most importantly, pay attention.  At this stage of your relationship, she is probably already done planning the wedding.  There should be plenty of clues around.

“What? I bought it for… For clubbing! Yes, for clubbing! …At that wedding-themed club Downtown.”

So, the ring.  According to the Gemological Institute of America, this is what you need to know: what is commonly referred to as the “4Cs.”  Cut, color, clarity and carat.

the most important of the “Cs.”  This is where your eyes get blinded with sparkles and you get the most for your money.  A properly cut diamond will look larger than a deeply cut diamond of the same weight.  Probably the only time when bigger does not necessarily equate to better.  Cut is all about craftsmanship.  Cutting the diamond to make the best use of light.  A diamond cut to perfect proportions refracts light from one facet to the other then gets dispersed through the top of the diamond: bling!

Pictured: too much bling.

Color refers to the absence of color in a diamond.  A gift from nature having nothing to do with man.  It ranges from colorless to yellow.  The less yellow within the diamond, the higher on the alphabetical scale the diamond will be graded.  Colorless diamonds are D-F, near-colorless are G-J, faint yellow are K-M, very light yellow are N-R.  S-Z are light yellow.  The less color the diamond has, the more you will pay for it (except for fancy colors like pink and intense yellow diamonds).  Most likely, she will like a white one or a colorless one.  Anything higher than an I (i.e., D to H) will appear white enough for even the most discriminating eyes.

An indication of a diamond’s purity.  When a rough diamond is extracted from carbon ore, tiny traces of natural elements are almost always trapped inside.  These elements are called “inclusions,” blemishes that interfere with light passing through the diamond.  Though they’re sometimes referred to as “birthmarks” because of their uniqueness.  A diamantaire will examine the rough diamond to cut it in the most flawless way, or with the less inclusions, and, therefore, the highest clarity.  Please note that most of these inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.  The Gemological Institute of America has established 11 clarity grades: the highest grades are “Flawless” and “Internally Flawless.”  “Clarity” refers to the totality of the number, size, placement and nature of inclusions and/or surface flaws.

Carat: the most intuitive of all the “Cs”
Directly from the experts: “diamonds and other gems are weighed using metric carats with one carat weighing about the same as a small paper clip, or 0.2 grams.  Just as a dollar is divided into 100 pennies, a carat is divided into 100 points, which means that a diamond of 50 points weighs 0.50 carats.  But two diamonds of equal weight can have very different values depending on the other three characteristics of a diamond’s 4Cs: clarity, color, and cut.  The majority of diamonds used in fine jewelry weigh one carat or less.”

And last, but not least we will share some of our own notes:

First of all, for more info on GIA grading methods, download the GIA 4Cs iPad free app.

There are some rules out there about cost…  They say 2 or 3 months’ salary, but if budget is on your list of concerns, follow what your bank account is telling you.  The important thing is not to get in debt, especially when you are about to start a long journey with the love of your life.

“I’m so glad you love the ring, honey! On an entirely unrelated note, I hope you’re excited for dinner at McDonald’s!”

Remember, she will wear it every day, so think of everything.  Will it get tangled in her hair?  Would it be too hard for her to keep her fingers together while wearing it?  How about clapping, and so on?  We said everything, and we mean it.

If the size of the diamond makes a difference, then you may prefer a shape that reveals more surface area than depth to maximize the appearance of size, such as a marquise or an emerald shape.

Don’t make this common mistake, to think that the shape and cut are the same.  It’s an easy mistake to make, since you hear the term “emerald” or “princess” cut diamonds, but those are actually diamond shapes.  Cut is really the craftsmanship applied in cutting and polishing the diamond.

The choices in diamond shapes and settings may seem overwhelming at first, but there are ways to narrow the field immediately.  Diamonds come in a variety of beautiful shapes: round, princess, marquise, oval, Asscher, cushion and heart, to name the most popular.  Remember, 007, she most definitely had one picked out, you just have to find the clues.

Ask her friends, 007. …Wait, you’re 007.  Stay away from her friends.

Don’t get too excited about how great it looks at the store, think of her hand and how it will complement her.  Ultimately, that’s the look you’re aiming for.  For example, on a small, delicate hand, a round diamond may look more beautiful than a marquise that covers more of her finger.

Also, white or yellow gold?  Is she traditional or more conservative?  Simple and subtle versus elaborate and very busy and flashy.  You should know your lady here.  This is more than a ring, this is showing her you care and that you are paying attention.  Don’t know her ring size?  Make an imprint of one of her rings on a bar of soap.

Finally, wondering why you are placing that ring on her “ring finger”?  We can thank our dear Romans, who wore the ring either on the right middle finger or the left ring finger, believing that these fingers were at the beginning of the “vena amoris” (the “vein of love”), the vein that leads to the heart.  Also, ancient Egyptian physicians thought that a nerve on this finger led directly to the heart.