Learn to Tie a Proper Scarf

It’s starting to get chilly, even some nights here in Florida it has been hitting the 40s. For those of us living in the northern region of the US, snow has already started falling. It’s time to pull out those winter clothes and bundle up. You want to keep warm as best as possible, but do you know the best way to wear that scarf? There are many ways to tie a scarf, you should learn a few that you can use to keep yourself warm and looking good. This infographic from Real Men Real Style has eleven ways to tie a scarf, and even tells you what temperatures and scarf types each style works best for.tiescarf

Fall & Winter Fashion, Joseph’s Custom Style

year-120-seconds-seasons-fall-winter-summer-spring-time-lapseIf you didn’t know, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers has two locations. One in Long Island, NY, and one more recent location in Naples, FL.  Thanks to our great relationships with manufacturers, each store has access to the same vast variety of cloth and pattern choices. Our clients live all over the country, and in all different climates, so we want to keep each one up-to-date with their own personal comfort and fashion. But how do we dress our Florida clients in the latest fall and winter trends, which consist of long wool jackets, cashmere sweaters, and other more “cold weather” outfits? At Joseph’s, we are able to match a client’s need no matter the weather!

SONY DSCIt’s all about the fabric! We have some lovely wool blends that are as light and breathable as can be. We also carry light and remarkably soft 100% cashmere, and cashmere/silk blend sweaters in a variety of colors; all perfect for a Floridian fall or winter day, when the temperature dips at sunset. We carry 150s, which are lightweight without taking away from the soft and cozy feel of how a sweater should be. You don’t have to miss out on any fashion trends no matter where you live when you buy from Joey!

SONY DSCWhen fabric, such as wool, is of high quality, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Comfort can be ensured by blending wool with other quality fabrics, such as silk. Wool can also be spun into finer thread, which takes away the coarse feeling often associated with wools.  Colors also play a huge part in a fashionable but season-appropriate look. Our gigantic selection of fabrics lets us use fall foliage colors such as browns, rust, and the entire orange and red spectrum, without sacrificing fabric quality. We also like to compliment blues and grays with brown for a distinctly fall feel during this time of year.  And, of course, blues, grays and blacks are a standard go-to for winter colors, regardless of where you’re wearing the outfit.

SONY DSCAll of our fabrics are of the highest quality, direct from Italy. We have a plethora of swatch books at our two stores for you to come see, and feel, the quality of the fabrics. That way, it’s easy for you to picture them coming together in a custom suit made just for you! Don’t let the weather deter your look! Look good and feel good now with a trip to one of Joseph’s two showrooms!

Winter Advice

Ian-McKellan-and-Patrick-Stewart-Portrait-SmallStraight out of the UK!  Over at the Samuel Windsor blog, there was a recent post that featured a fantastic set of advice points for the sartorial man heading into this winter.  A choice example:

“For an elegant and timeless look for the season, invest in a double breasted blazer. Worn the right way, it can be incredibly flattering and fashion forward. Worn with smart denim and with a T shirt as opposed to a shirt, makes it a versatile and rakish addition to your winter wardrobe.”

Find the rest of the great suggestions and European style RIGHT HERE.


Winter is Coming, Are You Ready?

Chilly days lie ahead, which got us to thinking.  Do you have your 100% cashmere?  Your Khan cashmere?  Your sherry tweed, your luxury wool, your Australian fine merinos?  Your car coats, sports jackets and that fantastic three-piece suit with ticket pocket?  Are they already hanging in your closet, shipped to you and now ready, waiting to be worn, to be in this Winter season?  For those of us used to custom clothes, we know how warm and comfortable these clothes are, and how anxious and excited we are about the temperature finally dropping, so that the time has finally come ’round that we can wear our masterpiece cold weather garments again. Of course we’re excited!  Usually, the only thing that comes with that drop on the thermostat is freezing rain and pounding snow.  Bummer!  But why wallow in it?  So the days are shorter and the nights are colder.  But the clothes are fantastic.

Be aware!  Slippery when wet/snowy road ahead.  One must wonder how we keep our attire fashionably uncompromising (which is to say, not landing three blocks ahead after slipping on the sidewalk while wearing those nice laced up shoes on a rainy day) or looking highly inappropriate by pairing your trendy outfit with some horrid, rubbery piece (no exceptions, rubber shoes are for kindergarteners).  Not to worry though, we’ve got your back.  We all struggle to look stylish on weather-challenged days, but here is how to do it on your feet with class and ease.

Wear water-resistant shoes, and really nice ones, too!  They come in all styles, from boots to loafers, leather or suede.  They might be a bit more chunky than your regular shoes, but that’s the type of shoes that go well with those winter-weight suits anyway.

So the next time it rains, go ahead and look sharp in your nice suit, and put on your nice shoes, too.  No worries if they get a bit wet!  These babies are not just really stylish, they are built to play rough and make the most rugged of sites accessible while still making your feet look and feel fabulous.

Some of our top picks…

Available at: Fratelli Rossetti, 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 888-5107 (Find them on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/FratelliRossetti)


Winter Blues, Meet Cobalt Blue

It’s getting darker earlier.  Brisk winds are here.  Of course, this means that bundling up is just around the corner! Even the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is almost done. The twilight of fashion, dominated by all the darkest and most somber hues in our closets?  Hardly! We are still excited for fashion because color is always “in.” A burst of the brightest shades have been present from runway shows to display windows, and, most definitely, on the stylish streets of New York. Color is everywhere you look: bright reds in McQueen’s runway show, Burberry Prorsum brought out the whole crayon box, Dolce & Gabbana was also Molto Vivaci (think of making a statement in bright, unconventional dinner jackets), and Moschino and Moncler showed us some radiating new blues and yellows.

You may ask, “what is the fuss with all this brightness right now?” We don’t know, and we don’t care! We love the positive energy and cheerfulness it brings with it, especially in these grey, cold months ahead. So don’t be shy, put it all out there and have some fun. It does not matter where you put some color.  On your socks, on your tie, in your sweater vest, your bow tie, your suspenders, your jacket.  Anywhere! This trend is sure to help us fight the winter blues.

From our showroom, the top picks: Cobalt blue 100% Khan Cashmere and Checked Merino Cashmere cloths.

Our favorite indeed from all this rage of color has to be all the appearances of cobalt blue. We have a tremendous soft spot for its natural coolness and sophistication, not to mention its fascinating history: Cobalt blue is a cool, slightly desaturated blue color, historically made using cobalt salts of alumina. Cobalt blue in impure form had long been in use in Chinese porcelain, but was independently discovered as a pigment by Louis Jacques Thenard in 1802. Commercial production began in France in 1807. The first recorded use of cobalt blue as a color name in English was in 1777.

So, come on by to one of our showrooms and pick out a source of cobalt blue for your wardrobe. Just make sure it’s not the cobalt blue tarantula!

Haplopelma lividum. Please don't try to wear one.