Weddings 102: So, You Got Something Shiny?

If your idea of presenting the ring and asking her to marry you on bended knee is all you’ve got, please read on.  If you need inspiration or some cool tips, also please read on!

We understand that you’ve been running around town trying to get “The Ring,” but you have to understand that things have changed dramatically, and weddings nowadays are sometimes over the top…

No comment…

So the shiny thing in the box, why not present it in true romantic fashion?  Here’s some good ideas on how:

Great engagements don’t have to be expensive, they have to be creative.  It’s in the details that a generic proposal becomes amazing.  So, that said, let’s start with one of the most important parts of the proposal.  And that is the surprise factor.  The biggest secret ever needs to be kept a secret, and for that to happen, it’s best if you keep things to yourself!  The more people you talk to about the proposal, the higher the chances are something will slip.  Everyone should be on a “need to know” basis.

The duct tape is probably overkill.

To spark your imagination, we pulled out a proposal we found and like so much, because this brother really did his homework.  Find what it is that brings the two of you together, something that reflects you as a couple and is unique to the both of you.  Be creative, have fun and think outside of the box.  This is your time to shine!  Well, at least until she opens the box!

“…Tanvi and Danny met on New Year’s Eve a few years ago while she was traveling, and she extended her trip a few extra days to spend time with Danny.  After a long-distance relationship between New York City and Miami, Danny told Tanvi to meet him at a hotel because his parents were coming to town.  But as she entered the suite, instead of seeing his family, she saw an acoustic guitar playing their song, ‘You are My Sunshine.’  Danny had also prepared a runner inscribed with the phrase, ‘to a lifetime of adventures together,’ leading to a world map, a collection of vintage trunks, antique globes, and paper airplanes with memories of their travels written in calligraphy, and vintage prints of their travel photos.  Danny proposed, and Tanvi said ‘yes.’  At dinner, their place settings had printed cards: ‘Tanvi’s Future Groom’ and ‘Dan’s Future Bride.’  At their suite at the end of the night, the room was covered with rose petals and with a final surprise: an engraved compass and leather-bound journal that read, ‘to a lifetime of adventures together’.”

The end!

Do we really need to say more on this one?  Just make sure it’s representative of your relationship, and of the two of you.  After all, leather bound adventure journals don’t make much sense if you’re a pair of homebodies!

And here are good ideas on when:

The day that you decide to pop the question will be one of the most memorable of your life.  This is why many men decide to choose a special day for their proposal.  But which are the best days, and which ones should you avoid?

You will be surprised to hear that Valentine’s Day is not the best day for a marriage proposal.  Great!  Just when you thought you have this girl thing figured out.  “Isn’t Valentine’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year?  How can it not be the perfect day to ask my girlfriend to marry me?”  The biggest reason not to propose on Valentine’s Day is that it is clichéd.

Extra points if you get the ring inside a chocolate teddy bear that plays “I Will Always Love You” when she bites into it.

Remember, we told you to think outside the box.  She is special, and so should be the day you propose to her.

Another common day, at least in a guy’s mind, is to propose on her birthday.  Way better than Valentine’s and definitely more significant, just remember to do something for her birthday, too.  After seeing the ring and her delirium of joy has wore out a bit, she will be looking for her birthday gift or cake.  In fact, the ring could be her birthday cake topper.  Mmm!

Christmas is another big day for marriage proposals.  After all, it is the season of giving, and for some reason, everyone is in a great mood.  It presents unlimited amazing ways to present her the engagement ring or ask the question.  Electronics as presents are great allies.  We know of someone who gave his girlfriend an iPad for Christmas.  When she turned it on, he had uploaded a picture of a church where he wanted to marry her.

New Year’s Eve is another holiday that many men choose to pop the question.  There is a lot in favor of a proposal on this day.  So festive and celebratory!  Also, if you ask your girlfriend to marry you on New Year’s Eve, it will be the perfect start to the New Year.

Remember, any day will be special as long as you do your homework and propose to her in the most unique, thoughtful, loving way possible.

This is real.  A guy actually asked a video game company to program a wedding proposal (by way of a sarcastic robot) into his copy of a game that he played with his girlfriend.  THAT is creative!

For added points…  Proposing to her on the anniversary of your first kiss or first time you said “I love you,” if you remember it.

Whichever day you decide on, make sure you document it: smartphones, flipcams, whatever it takes.  You’ll be glad you did, and so will she.