It’s our 100th post!  …Sort of.  There were two posts there that were lost to time, so this is our 98th completed post, but, you know what?  Whatever, let’s celebrate early!  When we started this blog back in October 2011, we had two stores, one on Long Island and one in Manhattan, we were called “Joseph’s Custom Clothiers,” our colors were red and white, and we had never written a single blog entry before.  What a difference two and a half years makes!  Now we have two stores, on in a different part of Long Island and one in Naples, FL, we’re called “Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers,” our colors are dark blue and gold, and we’ve written 100 of these things!  Let’s take a look back at 100 entries, and pick out some of our favorite, as we look forward to the next 100!

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A humorous look at the best and worst of the usually stolid and sometimes insane NFL uniform.

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A look at the always overlooked bow tie, and how to wear it.

Here’s to 100 more, everyone!

The Happiest Place on Earth: The DMV!

…Okay, maybe not.  Not the friendliest, either.  Maybe all these factors (plus the 1.5 megapixel camera) add to the bad experience, and, let’s face it, the hideous picture.

So we decided to come to your rescue.  Ladies have an easier way to do this, as they can enhance the bad light and poor pixel count with makeup, but don’t think because you are a macho man, you have to look extra bad on the infamous shot.  We will give you some pointers that will definitely enhance this “amazing” experience.  And you know what?  If you feel like doing makeup, so what?  After all, aren’t we supposed to all be metrosexual now, anyway?

First, absolutely first: the night before your visit, get a good night’s sleep.  You don’t want to look like a truck ran you over.  And leave the hangover for the weekend.

Pictured: a bad night’s sleep.

Before that good night’s sleep, make sure you had arranged for a haircut.  This is crucial for a decent pic!  Neat and tidy hair only!  Also, remember, this is not the best of times to try a new hairdo, as it usually takes a couple of days to adjust to it.

Not like this.

Wash your face with an oil control wash.  Exfoliating won’t hurt either, you will most definitely look your best without that extra layer of dead skin on!

Moisturize your lips.  Dry lips tend to look chalky, and a touch of lip balm can help them stay visible in a photo.

Bring eye drops, either for allergies or for contacts purposes.  You don’t want red, bloodshot eyes in your photo.

Groom your eyebrows.  No, really!  Comb them, make sure they’re nice and in place.  Even trim them if you have to.  We are sure the last look you are aiming for is Jim’s dad…

Look lean.  Give yourself a more trim appearance by angling your shoulders away from the camera very slightly.  Also, bringing your chin up and craning your neck out a tiny bit will prevent the dreaded double chin.  It may feel odd, but it will look fantastic in the picture.

Don’t distract.  Give some forethought to your outfit.  Pick one that you love!  Remember, when you look good, you feel good, and that feeling of awesomeness can be perceived in the picture.  When picking your outfit, follow these guidelines.  Avoid busy patterns.  Solid colors work best, but avoid white, as it tends to not photograph well.  Often, the background for the photos is a light color, and not only will your clothing blend in if you are fair-skinned, you will also look like you are very pale and sickly.  On the other side of the coin, you should not wear black for your photo, either, again, because it will make lighter skin look pale.

Button front shirts look nice, as do V-necks and plain tees.  And no, although your Captain America T-shirt might be your most favorite piece of clothing, this is not the time to wear it.  It is also not the time to look swanky, but rather put together, respectable, like the good citizen that you are!

A very important tip: be nice to the person helping you at the DMV.  Imagine how great it feels to have someone saying something nice and kind after a day full of complaints and bad attitudes.  We have yet to meet the person that will be rude to you after you pay them a compliment.  Plus, it will make you feel good, too!

And last, but absolutely not least: smile!  Who the heck said you can’t smile?

Added Bonus points: A+++ (don’t worry, it’s not makeup) Per-fékt Skin Perfection Gel.  Why do we love it?  Translucent and colorless (it comes in a tinted version that can match your skin tone, too), it instantly improves skin tone, reduces redness and helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines.