Top Men’s Hairstyles

Have you been keeping up with the latest trends in men’s hairstyles? Man buns are in, as is the undercut, and top knit. These styles have become popular just recently, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing guys sporting these soon. You may even want to try one out yourself. The infographic below from Hairstyleonpoint will help you visualize each of these top styles. So you will know a pompadour from a side part. These styles may not last forever (remember the last time guys had pony tails? Yeah we don’t want to remember either). So get in on these trends while they last.

You’re Going to Look Great in Your Tux…

So, we’ve been spotting a nice, slick hairdo reminiscent of the 1930s a lot lately, from catwalks to our fashionable New York streets.  Just in time for you to look wholesome and handsome in the holiday family portrait.  Even grannie will pinch your cheek and tell you that you look amazing!  So, if you’re ready to cause some buzz of your own out there this, here is what you need to know:

There is one very simple way to describe the typical 1930s hairstyle, and that is SHORT and SHARP!  In the ’30s, hair was a very important and integral part of your style as a gentleman.  Only a vagabond would walk around with long, uncombed hair (we’re looking at you, Williamsburg).  Going to the barber would be an important and often frequent event; you would have a shave, a wash and a trim.  Hair in those days had to be short.  Very short.  If your hair got too long, people would start raising their eyebrows at you in a most disapproving manner, and you certainly wouldn’t want that!  This particular era was obsessed with no less than perfect hair.  Hopefully we won’t get quite so extreme about hair length as our ’30s predecessors were.  After all, they thought if your hair was touching the back of your collar, it was too long, and one had to rush to the barber immediately!

We guess this bit of higher maintenance is what, in earlier revivals of the look, made it a favorite of older stylish gents, like George Clooney.  But for sure, one of the biggest comebacks of this classic male hairdo we owe to Mr. Don Draper, who officially gave it the man’s man connotation that has opened the door for a younger crowd to enjoy it without self-doubt.  Which is why this time around the ‘do can be seen on the younger fashionistas from the Village all the way through to our dear Midtown East neighborhood’s next generation of corporate CEOs, sporting them as the latest accessory to their bespoke suits.

Needless to say, we  like it!  It’s that “man’s man connotation” that makes it a winner every time it comes back.

This is going to be a very graceful and fashion-savvy holiday this year, so just remember this:

This style is all about the cut, styled neat and tidy.  The rule-of-thumb for this look is having a clean side part, with shorter sides and relatively longer hair towards the center.  Your hairdresser must cut the fine hair around the ears, above the neck and around the hairline.  There’s no space for casual untidiness.  When you’re checking your haircut before paying, double-check these areas – they must be cleanly cut.  A razor can be used to trim the hair at the base of your head for an even more refined and tailored look.

Once you have the ‘do, keep the parting straight.  For a wet, slicked look, apply hair gel before parting the hair, and then work the product with a comb all the way through the hair strands.  For a natural matte finish look, part the hair first, spray some hairspray on a brush, and gently comb through the top layers of the hair.  This will keep away flyaway strands.  If you’re after the classic finish to the look popular in both the 1930s and again today courtesy of Mr. Draper, then your product of choice will be Brylcreem.