Gifts Every Man Would Want For the Holidays

It’s that time of year when you have to get creative and find something other than cash and gift cards to give for the holidays. It’s tough! It probably seems like some of your friends and family have everything, what else could they want? For guys, it can be even harder because once you have a cocktail kit, cufflinks, and tie collection, you don’t know what else to get.

We’re here to help you this holiday season! We put together this guy guide to give you some inspiration. From subscription boxes to the kitchen to kits to clothing. There’s going to be something in here for the guys in your life. We did the research, now just scroll through and see what catches your eye.


The best package you’ll get in the mail all month! Jerkygrams are boxes of jerky shipped to your door. There are tons of options like booze-infused jerky and exotic meats.


Hot Sauce Making Kit
If your friend is a hot sauce fanatic, let him try making his very own with this kit.

Bacon Lovers Feast Gift Basket
The best meats all in one basket, who wouldn’t want this?


Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Whiskey lovers rejoice! Any guy who likes his drink strong will love one of these barrels.

Micro Brewed Kit
Make your own micro brew at home! Perfect for the beer lover.

Neighborwoods Map Coasters
These coasters are perfect for those that love drinking, great design, and travel.


Beer Cap States
No art on the walls? Well they will want to put up one of these states that allows you to display your beer cap collection, kind of like those quarter maps.


College Barware Crate
Combine your guy’s love of college sports with drinking. There are also options for NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL.

The Golfer’s Crate
A literal crate full of a golfer’s favorite things like sunflower seeds, Caddyshack, golf head cover, and more.


Tackle Subscription Box
Fisherman love one thing other than catching fish…getting more tackle!

Portable Table Tennis Set
Great for the competitive guy who’s always looking for the next challenge>



Duck Feather Bowties
At our showroom on Fifth Avenue South in Naples, we have a wide variety of accessories including one of our favorites: Duck Feather Bowties!

Working Man’s Hygiene Kit
Guys who don’t want to be seen using hand lotion will enjoy this guy-focused personal care kit with soap, lotion, oil, lip balm, and more.

How to Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, gentlemen. That means you have plenty of time to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, buy a nice gift, get reservations for dinner, or even cook something yourself (maybe practice it first). Even if you don’t have tons of money to throw on this day, just doing something to show you remembered can go a long way.

We’ve got some ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day experience great, from gifts to recipes to homemade ideas.

What to Cook
If you’re going to take a stab at cooking for your loved one, here are some recipes you can try to really woo your significant other.

lobster colorado Lobster Colorado (via


Chicken Parmigiana (Via


Pan- Seared Duck Breast with Blueberry Sauce

red velvet trifle

Red Velvet Trifle (Delish)


Red Velvet Molten Lava Cakes (Spache The Spatula)

Gifts to Buy


For the Wine Lover
Club W Subscription

blue bottle.jpg

For the Coffee Lover
Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription


For the Avid-Reader
Kindle Paperwhite

Gifts to Make

Jar of Compliments
Get a mason jar, or mug, and fill it with little slips of paper with compliments about your significant other.

Coupon Book
This book will be filled with little coupons your significant other can redeem. Suggestions include: “1 ticket for a romantic dinner”, “1 ticket for a long massage”, etc.

Bake Something!
Who doesn’t love sweets? They’re even more sweet when they’re made by someone you love. Try making some cupcakes, cookies, truffles, or whatever their favorite treat may be.

Scavenger Hunt
This may take a bit of time to create, but it will be worth it! You can do it just in your home, at a park, or all across town. They will have to follow the clues to find the next clues and end up at some special place. Don’t be surprised if they ask for some clues. Tip! Try adding in special places you two have been together like “Go to that place where we first met” or “That place where you spilled your coffee”.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Joseph Wendt

jwednt-2112Dad’s can be hard to shop for. The scramble for a good men’s gift around Father’s Day can often leave a gift giver stumped, and a gift receiver disappointed. At Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, we can advise on any and all gift-buying dilemmas! Joseph Wendt has one-of-a-kind men’s clothing and accessories. From wine glasses to clothing, belts, shoes, cufflinks and ties, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers can dress you dad from head to toe.

Business Suits: Choose from a variety of solid colors, subtle patterns, elegant pinstripes, flawless details and classic designs for your day and evening business attire. Every garment is customized to each gentleman’s needs, using only the finest fabrics that are meticulously tailored. Each suit is double stitched with quality detailing. Add a custom tailored shirt, shoes and tie to complete your look. Let Joseph help you build a power suit that will create confidence and poise each time you walk into that key business meeting or important company function. Image

Sport Coats: When it comes to business and attire for more casual settings, no one understands the subtleties of sport coat styles better than Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers. We pride ourselves in providing the discerning gentleman with a perfectly fitted jacket made of the most luxurious fabrics. We want you to show up looking and feeling your best, no matter where you’re headed, so we’ve broken down sport coats into three distinct categories to help you fine-tune your look.

Dress Business: This smart, professional look is for the gentleman wishing to attend his social events looking clean cut and pulled together when a full suit is not required. The detailing on each coat is unique and the end product embodies effortless style.

Dress Casual: Pair this sport coat with a more laid back pant design for the perfect combination of casual and trendy. Approach your schedule with a relaxed and classy appearance that will have you feeling confident and comfortable all day long.

Dress Social: Attend dinners, company events and social gatherings with complete confidence in a suit that is uniquely tailored, yet not overly formal. We add just the right amount of personal detail and design to help you stand out, while at the same time maintaining a polished and self-confident appearance.

Sportswear: For the ultimate in relaxation, comfort and casual sophistication, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers offers an array of fashions including sport vests, jeans and golf shirts.

shoes_500px_05Shoes: Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers is proud to offer Fratelli Rosetti and Michael Toschi shoes, the highest quality Italian footwear that are the epitome of comfort and style. These luxurious shoes are made from the finest hides hand crafted by skilled artisans. Joseph’s offers both classic and casual styles.

Ties and Accessories: Add a splash of color and style with Joseph Wendt exclusive line of Italian ties by Tino Cosma. Each tie is a work of art meticulously designed in bold or subtle patterns. Joseph Wendt also carries a wide selection of belts, wallets, cufflinks and pocket squares. Image

Glassware: If the wine matters, so does the glass. It’s that simple. Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers sells a beautiful line of wine glasses from Bottega del Vino Crystal not available through mass merchants. Each crystal glass is handmade. Tasting after tasting, test after test, time after time, wine enthusiasts are made by the difference the glass makes. Inspired by a life in wine and created by Severino Barzan, Bottega del Vino Crystal wine glasses are first and foremost, wine-driven in design and creation. Each piece in painstakingly mouth blown and hand finished to the highest of world standards for balance, weight, shape and the tactile pleasure of holding the stem and drinking from it. Each piece features a superbly crafted bowl with single pull stem for the best possible feel in hand and mouth. Image

Custom Golf and Hunting Wear: Look stylish whether you’re golfing or hunting with a custom sports wardrobe created by Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers. Joseph can create a look from head to toe that is classic and functional no matter which sport you choose to enjoy.


The Art of the Christmas Sweater

We’re simple, sartorial folk here at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers.  We enjoy good suits, good ties, good uses of color…  The sophistication of the art (ART, we say!) of the Christmas sweater is beyond us.  …Okay, okay, we’re kidding.  We enjoy the delicious, absurdest irony of the hideously ugly Christmas sweater as much as the next guy.  So, in honor of the holiday occasion, we wanted to take a break from things like “being fashionable” and “wearing clothes we aren’t embarrassed by” to take a look at some of the most terrifying, egregiously bad examples of that rarest of art form, the ugly Christmas sweater!

Okay, we're starting relatively sane here.  Dogs.  Everyone loves dogs!

Okay, we’re starting relatively sane here. Dogs. Everyone loves dogs!

Are...  Are those music notes on the sleeves?

Are… Are those music notes on the sleeves?



It's like someone barfed holiday joy all over it!

It’s like someone vomited holiday joy all over it!

Isn't this a fire hazard?

Isn’t this a fire hazard?

Rudolph has seen far better days.

Rudolph has seen far better days.

Merry Christmas, dudes.

Merry Christmas, dudes.

Bless you, Matt Damon.  You are a braver soul than we.

Bless you, Matt Damon. You are a braver soul than we.

Wow.  Just...  Wow.

Wow. Just… Wow.

What are you wearing, Katy Perry?

What are you wearing, Katy Perry?



Santa Style

It’s Christmas Eve, and we thought the best way to combine the joy of the season with our love of all things menswear was to take a quick look back at the sartorial history of the veritable man of the hour himself, Santa Claus!  His fashion sense has changed quite a bit over the years, along with his waistline, and we guarantee you wouldn’t recognize the guy from a few centuries ago as the big, jolly fellow we know and love today.  Red wasn’t even always his favorite color.  We know, shocking.  On with the show!

A Guide to New Year’s Eve Parties

So many parties to attend, so many dress codes to follow.  In a highly fashionably city like our home base of New York, the question of what to wear is always in the back of our heads.  We thought about it in-depth because, well, fashion is sort of what we do!  We’ve come up with some essential party looks, and we’d like to share why we love them and how someone can make them work.


Here is your chance to look like the gentleman you are!  For many, wearing a tux does not come often enough in a year.  So, if you get an invitation requesting for such, go for it all-out!  For those of you who wear it often, you know there are great fabrics and tone-on-tone patterns that everyone knows about.  And even our favorite, 100% super 210s wool can get a little safe and uninspiring.  If turning heads is in your agenda for the night, we suggest upgrading the black tux for a midnight blue one.  Very elegant, understated and yet highly fashionable.  Or, if you want to stay classic in black for this, the last ball of the year, opt for something like in the picture up above, a contrasting but complimentary color combination in the tie and lapel.  You will look like someone pulled you off the runway.

Keep the shirt fly front with stubble studs so that your lapel takes center stage.  For a last-minute outfit, spice up your black tux by adding a coordinating cummerbund and bow tie set.

As for why we love it?  It’s a classic look with just enough party attitude.


Thanks goodness this piece makes an appearance every year, and most definitely every time we think “fantastic parties in cold weather.”  Our pick, a single-breasted jacket with a shawl lapel.  Remember that the color palette for this is best left to rich red wine burgundies, navy blues, eggplant purples, jet black and any variety of gray.  Simple single-breasted jackets with a shawl lapel and welted pockets seem to polish off the cut beautifully.  You simply must pick a great pocket square (this, of all nights, is not the one to hold back on).  And a fly front studded shirt will keep you on that très chic line of thinking.  And don’t forget the bow tie, the icing on the cake!  Keep the pants a clean, straight cut and enjoy all the compliments you get.


Now, for those of you with more of a club scene in mind (remember, it is New Year’s Eve and you must look superb no matter what type of party you’ll be rocking), for this we love a fun dinner jacket with beaded lapels like the ones on this dinner jacket in the above picture.  Since this is a more irreverent look, ditch the dress shirt for a contrasting T-shirt instead.


Now there are some lucky ones out there who skipped the cold weather and opted for a tropical resort celebration (kudos to you, by the way).  For you, the timeless nautical look could not be more appropriate.  And why?  Because in boiling hot weather, white is just great at deflecting the heat while glowing in the sunshine.  And the navy jacket gives it a more late night kind of look, while a silk blend will give the last sophisticated touches to this pairing.

A very nice pair of loafers will complement the look.  Think about those Fratelli Rossetti shoes that have a terry cloth lining and are good for hot weather!

At any rate, no matter what you wear, we hope you enjoy the parties, the good company and the compliments.  And above all, have a joyous 2012!

Luxury Edition

Just in time for the holiday season, what has been one of the best compliments to our bespoke suits for many years: Tino Cosma ties!  Characterized by high-quality silk and a perfect manufacturing process, the Luxury Edition is limited, handmade and a perfect gift for the man who appreciates exceptional quality.  These are, by far, the most fashionable stocking stuffers we can think of.

Why are we obsessed with these ties?  Because they are understated luxury at its finest.  The Luxury Edition is a collection of silk ties woven in sixteen & eight-ply (if you don’t know what it is, the best way to describe ply is that they are the individual strands that are woven together to make a strand of yarn). The unusually high thread count adds to the exceptional richness and the invaluable high quality of the fabric.  We are thinking double Windsor knots all the way with these.  And with this Luxury Edition, the buyer can easily see the red thread that is sewn along the back of the tie, as well as a gold medallion fixed on the back; always a nice touch.  Tino Cosma goes even further to acknowledge the craftsmanship of the person who handmade that particular tie.  So don’t forget, when you buy your Tino Cosma Luxury Edition from Joseph’s, be sure to take a look at the tag on the back and thank Mrs. Fiorella, or whomever that person may be, for their handiwork.

The new Tino Cosma Collection interprets the very essence of “made in Italy.” Tino Cosma is the expression of tradition, the innovator of impeccable elegance, quality and detail.  The precious fabrics and exclusive designs have been Tino Cosma marks of distinction and Italian luxury since 1946.

The story of the Tino Cosma Company began in 1946 in a workshop in Motta di Livenza, where the founder Vittorio Cosma laid the creative groundwork for the future.  In 1969, Tino Cosma launched his first innovative collection of ties and implemented the transformation of his quaint space from workshop into fashion industry.  The Tino Cosma label started growing in reputation and spread worldwide quickly.  In the ’80s, the company’s great successes in America allows the opening of the Fifth Avenue boutique in New York City.  Tino Cosma ties are today retailed all over the world to men of style.  These men know the quality tie that Tino Cosma produces, and this is why when their Fifth Avenue boutique closed not so long ago, the company knew they would have to find a retailer who embodied their same work ethic when it came to the products they produced.  This is where we come in.

Joseph’s has been carrying Tino Cosma neckwear since the Spring of 2010, and so far, it has proven to be a great pairing.  Symbols of style and quality, handmade with precious silks in exclusive designs, they help to spread “made in Italy” worldwide.

Here are some of our favorite Tino Cosma neckwear that are currently in our Fall/Winter collection.  They make great stocking stuffers and gifts to any sophisticated father, brother, friend, boyfriend, fiancée, husband or grandfather that may be in your life.

You’re Going to Look Great in Your Tux…

So, we’ve been spotting a nice, slick hairdo reminiscent of the 1930s a lot lately, from catwalks to our fashionable New York streets.  Just in time for you to look wholesome and handsome in the holiday family portrait.  Even grannie will pinch your cheek and tell you that you look amazing!  So, if you’re ready to cause some buzz of your own out there this, here is what you need to know:

There is one very simple way to describe the typical 1930s hairstyle, and that is SHORT and SHARP!  In the ’30s, hair was a very important and integral part of your style as a gentleman.  Only a vagabond would walk around with long, uncombed hair (we’re looking at you, Williamsburg).  Going to the barber would be an important and often frequent event; you would have a shave, a wash and a trim.  Hair in those days had to be short.  Very short.  If your hair got too long, people would start raising their eyebrows at you in a most disapproving manner, and you certainly wouldn’t want that!  This particular era was obsessed with no less than perfect hair.  Hopefully we won’t get quite so extreme about hair length as our ’30s predecessors were.  After all, they thought if your hair was touching the back of your collar, it was too long, and one had to rush to the barber immediately!

We guess this bit of higher maintenance is what, in earlier revivals of the look, made it a favorite of older stylish gents, like George Clooney.  But for sure, one of the biggest comebacks of this classic male hairdo we owe to Mr. Don Draper, who officially gave it the man’s man connotation that has opened the door for a younger crowd to enjoy it without self-doubt.  Which is why this time around the ‘do can be seen on the younger fashionistas from the Village all the way through to our dear Midtown East neighborhood’s next generation of corporate CEOs, sporting them as the latest accessory to their bespoke suits.

Needless to say, we  like it!  It’s that “man’s man connotation” that makes it a winner every time it comes back.

This is going to be a very graceful and fashion-savvy holiday this year, so just remember this:

This style is all about the cut, styled neat and tidy.  The rule-of-thumb for this look is having a clean side part, with shorter sides and relatively longer hair towards the center.  Your hairdresser must cut the fine hair around the ears, above the neck and around the hairline.  There’s no space for casual untidiness.  When you’re checking your haircut before paying, double-check these areas – they must be cleanly cut.  A razor can be used to trim the hair at the base of your head for an even more refined and tailored look.

Once you have the ‘do, keep the parting straight.  For a wet, slicked look, apply hair gel before parting the hair, and then work the product with a comb all the way through the hair strands.  For a natural matte finish look, part the hair first, spray some hairspray on a brush, and gently comb through the top layers of the hair.  This will keep away flyaway strands.  If you’re after the classic finish to the look popular in both the 1930s and again today courtesy of Mr. Draper, then your product of choice will be Brylcreem.

Gifts For Him

And now for how the other half lives…

Following up from our latest blog, where we spoke about what would make the woman in our lives happy this holiday season, we thought it would be only right to discuss what might be at the top of your Christmas lists, guys.  You likely always want the best, the coolest, the latest, the most updated version of whatever it is you are going to buy or get.  And, let’s be honest, guys everywhere will always be big suckers for toys of one sort or another.

Everyone channels that childhood need to get the newest toy Tonka truck in a different way once they’re all grown up.  …Or they just still want a Tonka truck, of sorts.  Only bigger.  Like maybe this beauty over to the left!  Some features include panels from lightly worn vintage Broncos, axles from a military supplier, and a 420 horsepower V-8 engine. Cool stuff. Iconic Bronco, Barbie not included.  But priced at a cool $155,000, most of us might not find it under our Christmas tree.  So here is our top most realistic gift guide for him:

Bespoke suits!

Of course this will be at the top of our list, what did you expect?  And even if you don’t want to go as far as getting a full suit, get him bespoke anything!  Most men would love to have some bespoke garment in their closet, whether it’s a suit, a shirt, or even a bespoke tie and matching pocket square.  Anything bespoke is an investment in one’s appearance and a true pleasure for any man to have. Find a Super 210 wool suit under the tree?  Then Santa has never been nicer to you!

How about some high style cold weather pieces to keep dry and warm during the cold months ahead?  Shoveling snow is a fate that sometimes almost every man must endure.  May we suggest these Hunters to make the experience more tolerable for him?  The same revered Hunter fit and comfort, molded in vulcanized rubber with a combat style and quick-dry nylon lining.  Stylish, but functional.

And while the men are all out in the cold shoveling, someone might be trying to get a hold of them.  Don’t worry, they won’t freeze their fingers in the cold answering their phone, just keep gloves on them at all times while they pull out their little, digital best friend.  How?  In these gloves!  Echo three-way touch screen tech gloves.  Keep your hands warm and text at the same time!  All the while, of course, looking fantastic.

Is your man into music? How about these excellent high-quality earphones?  Nocs NS400 earphones, equipped with amazing dynamic sound in a cheap, compact passage.

Now the ideas are coming fast and furious!  How about shatter-proof glassware for the action hero in your life that still wants his pad to look like it belongs to James Bond?  Check out Zwiesel Kristallglas’ products.

Or perhaps the best of the best camera?  The Canon PowerShot SX20IS fits the bill, coming in at under $600, but with every possible feature you can think of in a digital camera.

How about that man in your life that fancies himself a samurai warrior?  …But fights most of his battles in the kitchen?  Try out Bob Kramer knives by Zwilling.  You can get them at Sur la Table starting at an absurdly cheap $140.

Have an athlete in your life?  He’ll love this Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS watch, available for around $300.

Moving past things you put in wrapping paper, what about the adventurous guy who loves to experience new things rather than receiving something wrapped in a bow?  Take a look at these two sites.  The first is for an authentic English shooting experience right here in the NYC area: Hudson Farm.  And the latter presents a variety of fun activities for him to do alone or together with you, from hang gliding over the Hudson Valley to a New York craft beer crawl tour.

And finally, for your rabid sports fan man, anything that has to do with his favorite sports team is always a winning ticket.  Tickets to a game, if you can get them, clothing memorabilia, or, if you can get it, an autographed football or baseball or jersey, what have you, by his favorite player!  Go a step further by wrapping it up in a nice glass display box  Might be a little hard to get, but they are surprisingly inexpensive while being worth millions in his mind and heart.  Just make sure you get it from the right team if sports isn’t your thing!  In some circles, that would be an insult graver than insulting his mother!

So, we’ve drowned you in ideas here, but we’re sure whatever kind of man you’re buying for, one of our ideas will make his holiday season a memorable one!  And remember, if it comes from your heart and because you were thinking of him, it will be special no matter what.

Gifts For Her

Recently, one of our clothiers was asked by her boyfriend what she might like as a gift for this holiday season.  Now, we know that men and women are different and think differently, but this should never be rocket science.  Men can get really deep and creative about what to gift her, especially with Christmas around the corner.  But the “classics” any woman will appreciate are always there.  Don’t over-think it!

Designer handbags or wallets, cashmere gloves or scarves and designer shoes are just some of the amazing gifts that any girl will love. One of our favorites (and definitely that of some women out there), is Christian Louboutin shoes…  Want to earn some bonus points for next year?  Louboutin himself comes to Bergdorf Goodman in New York a number of times per year.  Track him down when he’s there so he can autograph those beautiful red soles for her.

Don’t want to go the designer route?  Women also love high-tech stuff.  Perhaps not as much as men do across the board, but there are ways to make those gadgets “Hers,” too.  You can make an iPad really special by engraving it with something personal.  Check out their engraving gallery to spur some cool ideas.

Are these ideas still not for your girl?  There’s always spa treatments.  There isn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t like a day of pampering!  You can even go a step further and buy a couples massage.

A beautiful gift and quality time with your significant other.  She’ll love it!  Plus, an added bonus for yourself!  We’ve also heard of a vitaming personalized IV…  That’s a unique gift,
to put it mildly!  Or get really fancy and find out about the latest facial oxygen booth, or some such.

Of course, if these gifts are not in your holiday budget, one cannot go wrong with a thoughtful gift from the heart.  Try framing one of your favorite pictures of the two of you together, or plan a “surprise” excursion for just the two of you.  What woman would not enjoy a planned romantic picnic in Central Park?  Or you can always have her open an array of small gifts.  Chocolates, jewelry and even lingerie are always fun to unwrap!

So, whether that special woman in your life is the type to swoon over a new pair of shoes or the sort to gush over a poem written by the man she loves, or maybe even the kind of lady who will whip out their Cheesehead or Terrible Towel and watch the game with you, the one thing we will always recommend is to NEVER ask her what she wants.  The element of surprise and the idea that you’ve already thought out what to give her based on all the things you’ve shared together makes the gift, whether lavish or not, that much more special.  Simple math!