Wet Shaving Guide

Wet shaving is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. If you’re not one of the guys jumping on the beard bandwagon, you’re likely shaving. Have you thought of trying wet shaving? Do you know what it is? Think of the type of shaving you see men getting at barbershops in movies or TV shows. The kind where the barber uses the big brush to lather on foam, then uses a straight razor to artfully make the facial hair disappear.

Wet shaving isn’t something just meant for barbershops and special occasions. It can be done right at home! All you need are a few tools of the trade and a little advice to help get you started. This helpful infographic from Reddit user Wicked_Edge will get you started. It goes through the products you need, as well as the benefits of wet shaving. Do your face a favor and try it out!

Source: Reddit User Wicked_Edge

Grooming Tips for Men

You’ve got the fashion part down, what else is there to looking good? Sit down while we take you through the world of male grooming. I’m sure you’re familiar with the constant trips to the barber for trims, but what other grooming practices do you participate in regularly? Do you wash your face? Moisturize? What about using specific hair products? If you’re one of those guys who doesn’t really think about this stuff, you may want to start.

According to Neutrogena, we touch our faces 10-12 times an hour. Who knew!? It’s not just touching your face that is the problem, it’s all the other things our hands touch during the day right before they touch our face. You probably know about the amount of germs on common things you touch. By touching your phone, pillowcase, and hair you are transferring oil and bacteria to your skin. The best way to get these things off your skin is by cleansing twice daily. This means getting a good facial cleanser to wash with in the morning and before you go to bed. This will keep your skin healthy and your pore clear.

At least once a week, use an exfoliating scrub. This will remove the layer of dead skin from your face and help get moisturizer in deeper.

As for the rest of your skin, you should be paying attention to your hands and feet. You use them a lot each day and probably don’t pay them much mind. Start using a hand cream if you are noticing calluses. If the calluses are really hard you may need a pumice stone or callus shaver. Just make sure when using these that you don’t touch the soft skin around the hard spots.

As for your feet, you may have calluses there too. Get a pumice stone to heal those too. If your feet a dry and cracked, invest in some lotion (even Vaseline) to keep them hydrated daily. Make sure the lotion doesn’t have alcohol as it can further dry your feet.

As for your hair, if you have short to medium hair you should be using a paste to help hold it in place. For longer hair, use a styling cream to weigh it down. You should be shampooing your hair twice a week, otherwise you can end up with oily hair or a very dry scalp if you do it too often. You likely also don’t need conditioner if you have short hair. It’s mainly beneficial for those with curly, long, or coarse hair.

When it’s time to brush your teeth, you better do it! The last thing you want as you age is to start having bad teeth issues. Using medium or hard bristles can cause gum recession and eat away your teeth’s enamel. So try using a soft bristle. Also brush your tongue! A tongue scraper should be a part of your daily grooming gear. There is a lot of bacteria on your tongue and it’s the primary cause of bad breath. Then lastly, you have to floss more. I know it’s painful but unhealthy gums can lead to serious issues.

Get those nails trimmed. It doesn’t take long, but it’s a good idea to get in the habit of trimming your nails once a week.

Wash and Moisturize Face, Body
Brush teeth, floss, use tongue scraper
Brush & Style hair
Moisturize Feet and Hands

Once a Week
Trim Nails
Exfoliate the face
Trim hair (body, facial, and head)
Shampoo (or twice a week)

The Art of Shaving

Nips and cuts.  Irritated skin.  Bad blades.  Yet another chore to take care of in the morning, as if with our busy, fast-paced life we need yet another task, much less one that involves a blade and, if you do it wrong, pain and bleeding.

We don’t even know who to thank for such a genius idea.  No one knows exactly where or how the miracle of wet shaving originated.  It is generally believed that during the 18th Century, certain members of the French aristocracy began cutting their beards into various shapes and configurations using hot water and a straight edge.  Further adaptations to this crude process soon followed.  In London, at about the same time, barbers began giving shaves to wealthy patrons.  This worked well, for barbers were the only ones permitted to perform medical surgeries(!), thus enabling them to develop a very lucrative side business shaving beards, an easy addition to their regular surgical duties, as they already possessed the scalpels, cutting and shaping utensils required to efficiently cut hair.

During that time, several shaving salons arose, including one of our favorites, Truefitt & Hill, listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest barber shop in the world. Over 200 years in business, thanks to the greatness of their luxurious shaves plus the fact that, simply put, every man must shave.  Demand for their business is, likely, eternal.  Unfortunately, for many, the task of shaving has been reduced to the tedium of a daily misery.

Well, not to worry.  The art of wet shaving has been revived with all of its former glory, and is now more pompous than ever.

We cannot stress this enough: shaving should not be a skin-irritating time consumer that’s keeping you from your coffee in the morning.  So, you could either treat yourself to letting a true master of the craft work its magic at your nearest wet shaving salon, or you can get the right tools and put a little time and patience in it yourself and see magnificent results.  Whichever path you take, better skin and less ingrown beard hair plus a fantastic sense of well-being and relaxation await you.

So, here are a few of our observations in regards to this fascinating subject.  Remember, we mention it will take time, definitely repetition, and lots of attention to detail.  It’s just like the extra 5 minutes you put into finding the perfect tie to compliment your outfit, which you already know pays off all day.  Embrace shaving, too!  After all, it is something you have to do nearly every day.

Arm yourself with the best tools.  Customize, get the right tools plus the right products for your skin type for a terrific combination.  Also, keep educating yourself in the subject if you are interested in changing your shaving method.  We suggest you find a shaving clinic in your area.  Think of it as your Shaving 101 class.  A bit late, maybe, but it is always a great time to learn.

Ready to go?

First and most important: hot water.  This is going to be the first prepping step for your perfect shave.  Why hot water?  First, hot water helps in the removal of excess skin cells.  Second, hot water softens the beard hair, enabling it to be more easily cut.  Right after your shower is the best time to shave.

Next, remember to never rush your shave.  There are crucial steps for a perfect shave, and rushing to get out of the bathroom in the morning is the reason why many of us fail in the attempt.  Brush, cut, moisturize, all three are essential!

Brush.  Our favorite is a badger hair brush.  It’s softer and absorbs water quicker (always allow up to a minute to soak in your hot water; for a boar hair brush, allow up to 3 minutes).  The brush generates a rich and warm lather that will soften the beard and open the pores.  It also brings a wealth of water to the skin and is a gentle exfoliator.

Cut.  The razor is used to remove the beard, obviously.  For this stage to proceed correctly, the use of the razor must also be combined with the application of large volumes of water to the face throughout the entire cutting process.  This washing and cutting process is fundamental to mastering a great beard cutting power.

Aftershave (moisturizing).  Please refer to this as a process, not a product.  Aftershave is the phase in which the skin is thoroughly irrigated with very large volumes of water to cool, soften and condition in the most efficacious manner possible.  It does not solely refer to the application of “aftershave.”  However, it is important to remember that the use of extremely high quality colognes, aftershaves and shaving balms is very much a part of the overall pleasure of wet shaving.  Stay away from anything produced by a designer; hence shave creams found in department stores should be avoided.  Such “fashion-forward” shaving products are typically overpriced, in addition to being overly fragranced and full of alcohol.  Many also use various synthetic silicates that can create serious blemishes and exacerbate preexisting skin problems.

Whether you want and need to be pampered or just want to take the challenge and do it yourself, you will soon see the benefits and will not stop telling everyone about it.

Here what you need to get started on your own:

  • The Art of Shaving, Full Size Kit Unscented.
  • Pure Badger Black Brush.
  • Double blade or straight razor, your pick.

Or, if you’re here in the New York area and want the full-service experience, here’s some top spots in the city:

  • New York Shaving Company
  • Esquire of Wall Street
  • The Art of Shaving